Monday, December 31, 2007


I have waited maybe three hours to write because people were watching those Tievel mouse movies. In a couple more hours it will be 2008; last year Elijah and I stayed up and when it was finally 12, we were tempted to shout but we restrained ourselves. This year I may be asleep at twelve, who knows.

I figured out what to get John and Lizzy for their birthdays. I am going to get a bunch of Bob the Builder and Kipper DVDs. Ahh, I just love my evil plan, they are always selling DVDs on ebay so I will be able to get a bunch really cheap.

I cleaned my room today with help from my sisters. All the fish tank gravel, dirty clothes, shoes, stuffed animals, coats, books and cat poop are off the floor now. Somebody shut the cat up in my room and she got a little desperate. Its 11:17 and I started at 10 something, see how long it takes my to write? I have to think forever about what to write and its just so hard when you feel half asleep.

I played sorry with Chelsea and I almost won. She needed a two and I had two sorry pieces in start. I finally got them out and they were both almost home when she got her two. It was sad. She tried to show me how to play crib but that didn't work. It was a rather boring game and I wasn't really paying attention at all so we quit. I had no clue what I was doing, she said to put down my crib. I stared at her with a blank expression and said "crib? what do you mean?" she looked at my cards and put a pair something or other down and then told me to cut the deck. I knew how to do that so it wasn't a total failure but then she told me to put my cards down, but not the five or ten cards. So I put down three cards and all I had left is a ten. so I told I just had a ten left and what should I do, she says to put it down. I was thinking "you just told me not to, I really don't get this game". Then she counts up something and moves the pegs. After a couple rounds like that I kinda quit.

Its 11:40,whats that, ten or twenty more minutes to go? I guess I am not going to be asleep by the time twelve comes around.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Touching my fingertips

I think my sisters are slowly learning that leaving clothes and toys on the floor is not the greatest idea. Things that touch the floor normally are sucked into the dog crate after a few seconds, either to be slept upon or chewed. All Abby and Lizzy have to worry about is their stuff being slept on, my stuff on the other hand (and this has happened only twice and will never happen again) get chewed. Not the "lets see how this tastes" chew but the "man, I'm hungry! I so need to kill these pants and see how far I can get on shredding them before that human comes and scolds me" chew. I left a plastic ice cream bucket in her cage with her food so that she could eat when I had to leave, when I got back home tonight it was reduced to mere pieces by Puppy's canine teeth. I think I will get some metal dishes and then watch her eat and when she starts chewing on the dish I will chuckle gleefully at puzzled look on her face when the dish doesn't succumb to pressure.

We got timbits on the way home from church tonight and this Tim Hortans had only three jelly filled! Only three, so it was first come first serve when we got home. Elijah, Abby and I managed to get the jelly first and poor Liz and John were slightly miffed. Gwandle is a pain when it comes to eating chicken. I was making a chicken sandwich and she comes over sticking her stinky little paws by my mouth begging for a morsel of juicy chicken. She also knows when I am on the computer and comes over here and plops her self down on the keyboard demanding attention. Thankfully that is not the case tonight, but I know she will be around soon. Oh no, I just heard Abby saying hi to the kitty, that means she is nearby and is headed this way.

I like to surprise people be knowing the lyrics to a song they think I know nothing about and being able to sing it perfectly. I also surprise my self by being able to remember all the words to that song that has been stuck in my head pretty much all day. Its not a bad song, just the band who put it out (or the person who wrote it I should say) isn't the greatest. Its just this particular band writes songs that are so easy to memorize and they just get stuck in there and require a crane to haul out. Actually a lot of prayer, really. Hopefully nobody will ask me where I heard it because that is an awkward question and I obviously don't want to answer it.

Dad wants me to go to bed.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Babs Bunny, private ear

I have decided not to play Dungeon Siege any more, even though it was a rather interesting game. I prayer meeting dad has been going through Acts 16, about the woman who brought her masters much gain by soothsaying. Dad was particularly concerned about computer games that he knew some of us were playing that involved spells, magic and the like and he told us that we needed to stop playing those games because we gave Satan a foothold. I know my curiosity has been aroused and I find myself wondering what an ouija board looks like and how exactly it works. Today dad and I went to Value Village and I felt, I don't know, defiled" maybe, by just looking at the one that was for sale there. But anyways, I am not going to give Satan a foothold and I am going to delete the game.

I cleaned the church today and while I was doing that a guy called wanting my dad, he couldn't remember dad's name just knew dad had done stuff with him before. There is nothing like sweeping up little golden stars and vacuuming pink glitter to make a Tim Hortans bagel seem a lot better tasting.

I pretty much finished setting up my fish tank, so no it looks quite natural, I want to get some platties and mollies in the future. I bough some guppies from Ben today, bough them. I have let Ben use a lot of my fish equipment indefinitely an he wants me to buy two guppies from him that are $1.50 each. I mentioned to hem about the fish stuff that was currently being borrowed and that if it wasn't for all that stuff he wouldn't have very much to keep his fish alive on. He sighed and said that I was right and that he guess he would let me have them for 74 cents each.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Plug your nose

I have a cold that hinders my random thoughts that I generate for this blog. So I cant really think of much to write. I watched National Treasure 2 last night. This is me and Puppy; she is not the lightest dog, I can assure you.

I was supposed to make pancakes for supper and I need to multiply 1/4 by 5. i stood there staring at the cookbook saying to myself "1/4 times 5, hmmm, thats um, 1/2. . . um 1/2, then what do I add?" Mother finally told me how much and I could go on. So long, I cant write any more because my brain cant think of any thing to write.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

cold fish

This is what happens when you put glue filled books, dirty socks and a blanket in your fish tank. Now I think I will go on to tropical fish like I always wanted.


Today is Christmas. Our family doesn't celebrate Christmas for various reasons; I thought of posting a big thing about Christmas like I did for Halloween, but I decided not to, for various reasons. But anyways why do people celebrate this holiday? Some of my neighbors said it was because of Jesus's birth and to give presents, and another certain neighbor said it was to get stuff. I think it may be interesting to ask any random person what they think Christmas is for. Personally, whenever I think of Christmas I think of the Lord being born to die, to save sinners who didn't deserve being saved, to save me.

I have the weirdest/strange dreams when the heat gets to much at night. Last night I dreamed I was ridding a motorcycle, blindfolded. I have also dreamed I was in a jungle camp (don't ask why I was there, please) and I dreamed once that I told someone (I wont say who because its to sad and yeah) I was kinda swearing and yelling at the person and the person started crying and asked me why I just didn't slap them. Hopefully dad will turn the heat down or something sometime soon.

Josiah finally posted again; I wish I could've met this Corbin, he sounds interesting. Elijah is making chocolate chip cookies and when I get done I think I will take a few if he doesn't mind. Nate bought all of us drinks after sledding and it was a hard choice between a Red Bull or root beer, but then Nate says that he wasn't going to buy caffeinated drinks so that knocked out Red Bull since A&W root beer is not caffeinated. But hey, if all the guys get to drink coffee, why cant people who don't like coffee get to drink caffeinated beverages?

The kids want to watch a video from my grandma called Kipper: water play, 50 minutes of fun. Its advertised as a refreshing pace for todays busy kids, hmmm all I see is that it was made by the same people that made Bob the Builder and that it probably has annoying songs on it that will get stuck in your head.


First here are some pictures from sledding this afternoon. Now after I post this I will write.

Watch the Lamb - Ray Boltz

Walking on the road to Jerusalem,
The time had come to sacrifice again,
My two small sons,
They walk beside me on the road,
The reason that they came
was to watch the lamb.

Daddy, daddy,
What will we see there,
There's so much that we
don't understand,
So I told them of Moses
and father Abraham,
Then I said dear
children watch the lamb.

There will be so many in
Jerusalem today,
We must be sure the lamb
doesn't run away,
And I told them of Moses
and father Abraham,
Then I said dear
children watch the lamb.

When we reached the city,
I knew something must be wrong,
There were no joyful worshipers,
No joyful worship songs,
I stood there with my children
in the midst of angry men,
Then I heard the crowd cry out
Crucify Him.

We tried to leave the city
but we could not get away,
Forced to play in this drama
a part I did not wish to play,
Why upon this day
were men condemned to die,
Why were we standing here,
Where soon they would pass by.

I looked and said, even now they come,
The first one cried for mercy,
The people gave him none,
The second man was violent,
He was arrogant and loud,
I still can hear his angry voice
screaming at the crowd,
Then someone said there's Jesus,
I scarce believed my eyes,
A man so badly beaten,
He barely looked alive,
Blood poured from His body,
From the thorns upon His brow,
Running down the cross,
Falling to the ground.

I watched Him as He struggled,
I watched Him as He fell,
The cross came down upon His back,
The crowd began to yell,
In that moment I felt such agony,
In that moment I felt such loss,
Till a Roman soldier grabbed my arm
and screamed, you, carry His cross.

At first I tried to resist him,
Then his hand reached for his sword,
So I knelt and took
the cross from the Lord,
I placed it on my shoulder,
And started down the street,
The blood that he'd been shedding
was running down my cheek.

They led us to Golgotha,
They drove nails
deep in His feet and hands,
Yet upon the cross I heard Him pray
Father, forgive them.

Oh, never have I seen such love
in any other eyes,
Into thy hands I commend my spirit
He prayed and the He died,
I stood for what seemed like years,
I'd lost all sense of time
until I felt two tiny hands
holding tight to mine,
The children stood there weeping,
I heard the oldest say,
Father please forgive us,
the lamb ran away.

Daddy, daddy,
What have we seen here,
There's so much
that we don't understand,
So I took them in my arms,
we turned and faced the cross,
Then I said dear children
watch the Lamb.

Monday, December 24, 2007

I'm bored.

Sunday, December 23, 2007


This will be a short post. If anybody write a comment on a post the was posted a while ago, please tell me so that I don't have to go looking for it. I ate more today then I normally eat, and I feel full up to here. After helping put all of Jill's stuff in the basement at th apartments, Nate got us stuff at Tim's. Before that I had two pieces of pizza, x amount of cookies, and a big dinner at the church. I had lots of fun playing the score keeper for Probe, and I got to know the Joseph (sp) family better; now I know their names! Anyways I said this would be a short post and I am going to bed.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


John decided that he needed to play the computer while I washed dishes so let me start this post over again.

I was volunteered to make something for lunch tomorrow at church. Of course the first thing that came to mind was lemon meringue pie, so thats what I made, two of them. Making lemon meringue pie is not the simplest of things to do because I had to separate the egg whites from the yolks with help from Timmy. The reason why that was hard is because if I get any yolk in the whites it doesn't whip up properly (if it whipped up at all) and the pie wouldn't taste the same and Timmy thought that eggs belonged all together, not separated. Another reason is Timmy has a runny nose and he loves meringue, he ate so much of it this afternoon that I hope he doesn't get sick. So he is over here sticking his slimy finger in the bowl trying to get just one more taste, and I'm scared he will get his finger in the beaters. So I tell him to go play and his idea of play is to stick measuring spoons into the egg yolks. I did finally get them done, and they look good.

I found out today that cleaning the church and reading Passport to Life City at the same time doesn't work, especially if you are vacuuming or cleaning toilets. After I got the cleaning done dad was testing stuff in the office with sound like he does every week. He had Elijah singing for him and I joined him (Elijah), he was rather surprised that I sang so well and he was telling dad how nice I sounded. I always fell awkward when people talk like that about me when I am around and I kept thinking, "ok, its not a big deal just shush".

Elijah bought fish snacks (same brand as those sardines) today. I told him not to open them in the van, so dad tells him he can open them a the Underwoods. So we get to the Underwoods and he opens them up and of course they stink, so he goes up to get Nate slurping on that stuff, and I can smell it. I was allowed inside but he had to stay out. Since the weather was warmer today the snow started melting a bit so that it was packing, and I took the opportunity to throw a couple snowballs at Elijah.

I want to die and let You give, Your life to me so I might live. And share the hope You gave to me, I want to share the love that set me free.

Friday, December 21, 2007

The Hand That Paints the Day

There's a hand that paints the day.
As the moments rush.
And no colors get away from the Master's brush.
On His canvas stretched to time.
All the human hues,
Blend and blur a design,
God could only choose.
There are dreams dabbed in doubt.
Hopes washed in pain.
There are broken hearts, that leave a mark.
A deep crimson stain.
There is laughter's motley joy.
Whispers wet with sighs.
There are shades of shame, regret's rain.
Running from the eyes.
Stroke by stroke the Masterpiece,
Grows in gift and grace.
Till this Love's last line completes
The Painter's tear-stained face.
Michael Kelly Blanchard

Later tonight I will write something, not pictures or something I copied and pasted.

Module six --- all about cells

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Isn't this just so interesting.

Gwandle doesn't want me to do biology.

What's the chemical formula of fructose? It's C6H12O6, the same as glucose! If these two molecules have the same chemical formula, how can they be different molecules? Well, they have the same chemical formula, but they have different structural formulas. The ring and chain structural formulas of both glucose and fructose are shown in the figure below. These different structural formulas are the reasons behind the taste difference and other chemical differences between glucose and fructose.

Glucose and fructose belong to a class of compounds known as monosaccharides (mahn uh sak' uh rides), which are also called simple sugars.

– Simple carbohydrates that contain 3 to 10 carbon atoms

The reason that these are called monosaccharides is that they form the basic building blocks of more complex carbohydrates called disaccharides (dye sak' uh rides) and polysaccharides (pahl ee sak' uh rides).

Polysaccharides – Carbohydrates that are made up of more than two monosaccharides

These more complex carbohydrates form the basis of much of the food that we eat.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Its hard to type and eat cookies and pet the cat and comment on Joseph's blog all at the same time. Its like trying to ride a bike and walking Puppy and playing hockey at the same time, pretty much impossible.

I did a lot of biology today, all about the "differences" between glucose and fructose and I got deeper into photosynthesis and organic molecules and balanced chemical equations. When I get bored with biology and I need to vent out pent up whatever you call it, there is an apple core on the desk that I stab. The poor apple is so full of holes and my pencil is rather icky. Tomorrow I am going to do a test so I have been trying to cram all this stuff into my head so that I can remember it all. I also did six lessons in grammar and several chapters in history. I have been doing school, and I will be done sometime in May, contrary to popular opinion.

John was sleeping in the nursery tonight and Timmy was trying to wake him up. Tim would poke at Johns ear and say "Don, Don, Don, Ear!!" he also kept rubbing Johns back saying "Don get up, Don? Donny? Don get up now!". I was stacking the plastic farm animals on top of each other and Tim was really upset about it for some reason. he kept whispering very loudly for me not to do that and he would knock them over just as I was balancing the fourth animal.

Elijah is over here begging me to copy pictures of of other peoples blogs as a joke and put them on mine. I told him that wasn't fair and that I wasn't going to do that. He wants to check his email and keeps giving my hints about it, like telling me to press control p so that I would publish. I cant think of anything to write anyways.

Timmy and Gwandle

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


It is 9:10 and I am just starting this post. I am listening to El Shaddai as I type, and I am trying to type quietly because everybody has gone to bed. Its funny how certain people like to sneak out here hoping that nobody hears them as they open the fridge. And its also funny how Gwandle can make a person freak when she jumps on you when you aren't expecting you; its just so quite right now. And thats rare, normally in our house its always noisy, but then you have to expect that with six kids making noise. Its only six kids because Nate, Josiah and I of course don't make any noise. Its really hard to write because I know my parents want me to go to bed but they are letting me stay up. And my dad doesn't like me blogging period, but he lets me, but it puts a damper on it when you know your parent(s) don't like it completely. I try to do whats right and obey them but if I don't write I get "ugly", like Elizabeth Etnoyer, when she is deprived of her piano she gets cranky. Its not that I like to write ( I do) but I need to write, I don't know why. Sometimes I think if I just go back to journaling I fell better about it because I know that my dad wont mind. I don't want to go back to journaling though because on a blog I can get comments and I can post pictures and since I cant really express myself verbally this way people can know what goes through my mind when I cant say anything. I guess I'll just have to let everything work out.

Elijah accidentally punched my mouth, so my tooth is lose. I don't really mind if it falls out because I am curious to see if it would grow back again. I have lost this particular tooth twice already and it has grown back. It will be two minutes until I have spent an hour on this computer, so I guess I should stop. I think I should write stuff out ahead of time so that I can copy it on here and not spend so much time on the computer. Besides Gwandle just left.

Justa song I like

Love Crucified Arose

Long ago He blessed the earth
Born older than the years
And in the stall a cross He saw
Through the first of many tears
A life of homeless wandering
Cast out in sorrow's way
The Shepherd seeking for the lost
His life, the price He paid

Love crucified, arose
The Risen One in splendor
Jehovah soul Defender
Has won the victory
Love crucified, arose
And the grave became a place of hope
For the heart that sin and sorrow broke
Is beating once again

Throughout Your life You felt the weight
Of what You'd come to give
To drink for us that crimson cup
So we might really live
At last the time to love and die
The dark appointed day
That one forsaken moment
When Your Father turned His face away

Love crucified, arose
The One who lived the died for me
Was Satan's nail-pierced casualty
Now He's breathing once again

Love crucified, arose
And the grave became a place of hope
For the heart that sin and sorrow broke
Is beating once again

Love crucified, arose
The Risen One in splendor
Jehovah soul defender
Has won the victory

Love crucified, arose
And the grave became a place of hope
for the heart that sin and sorrow broke
is beating once again

Love crucified, arose
The One who lived and died for me
Was Satan's nail-pierced casualty
Now He's breathing once again
---Michael Card

Monday, December 17, 2007


I am not chewing on caffeinated gum so this post should be better than last night.

I wonder if people can see Jesus through me, or am I so tainted by this world that they cant. I want people to see less of me and more of Him, I to be a candle on a hill not a candle under a basket. Sometimes I think that I am better at going along with the majority than making a stand, its just so easy to go along with every body else and its lots simpler, but its not right.

I am painting in my room; for some reason I cant leave the walls alone for more than a few months until I need to do something. Today I painted the back of my door with Lunenburg Blue and then I am going to put white dots on it. There is one problem with my room, it is on the side of the house where there isn't a lot of sun and since the walls are blue and white it always seems cold in there. In summer thats not bad, but in winter it gets too much sometimes, accept at night. At night the heat seems to crank up and you start sweating.

We changed the living room around again, so the computer is on the other side of the room now instead of next to the door. Now, if I have to stay up later righting the light wont bother people who are sleeping. As I am writing this my younger siblings are bugging me. John climbs under the desk, Timmy is looking for books and pinching and biting my arm, and Elizabeth wants to write something. Just think, in another year and a half or so I'll have another brother over here walking around and saying "RarahRarahRarahRarahRarahRarahRarahRarahRarah. . . " And then I say WHAT!! And He will say with a little grin, "nuyin". John says it is time for me to get off so that he can watch Bob and he keeps pressing the esc key. But however annoying little siblings (and my kitty who jumps on keyboards) may be, I don't think I could live without them. Now Josiah is over here telling me to get off so that they can all watch a movie.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


I hate it when I accidentally delete a post, but oh well, I'll just start again.

My dog is an idiot. She decided to get on my bed after pleading at me. Now she all of a sudden wants down, and I cant get her off. I tried to entice her with a big fluffy pillow that needed chewed, I called her, bribed her with a piece of brownie and I even showed her how one gets off my bed since it is tricky. But she cowers in the by the wall refusing to budge, I'm thinking she remembers when I kicked her off the bed early in the morning when she insisted on chewing and licking and generally moving her big self around. So I guess she is scared or something. Now she is doing the high pitched doggy whistle known as "whine" but its not working.

I went over to Chelsea's today and we played board games. Survival requires teams, bingo is VERY boring even though I won, pictionary is fun when e play it with our rules and we also played a game called Scatagories. They showed me a video on youtube about wanting a hippo for Christmas. It was a song made in 1953 and sung by what sounded like a little kid. For supper I had chicken, potatoes, vegetables and a can of nice, cold root beer. That was good. I also watched Garfield on TV and that was strange. I never knew Jon had a brother that wore cute blue bunny PJ's and that they had parents. I guess we learn something new everyday.

Puppy has started barking now and her whining noise has increased. I am not going to help her, I refuse. She has to get down on her own, she needs to learn that what goes p must come down, on their own.

The storm has dumped a lot of snow and when I took the dogs out tonight they were getting buried in the drifts, especially Puppy who is smaller. I took some pictures but I kinda misplaced the camera, its either in my coat pocket or John took it again to take random pictures with.

I cant think of anything more to say but if I stop then I wont have anything else to do because I don't want to play Bibleopoly and I am not tired because caffeine loaded gum keeps a person awake just like a red bull. I love red bulls, they are so good but I hardly ever have them because they are loaded with 80 mg of caffeine and 1000 mg of taurine. The BlackBlack gum has only 5 mg of caffeine in them which is less then Jolt gum which has 12.7 mg in it. Hmmm, that makes me want to try it, maybe I'll find some on ebay or get Nate to get me some.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Is it cold, or is it just me?

This is Puppy, guess where she is. She is on the shelves under my bed and thankfully as she jumped up there, she didn't break my lollipop bottles in the process. I had to grab her front legs firmly and pick up half of her then put my arm under her fat (pregnant? I hope not!!) stomach and then lift her down. Either I have no muscles or she is heavy, but yeah, she was heavy. I would guess somewhere around 80to 90 pounds at the most, and that would be her normal puppy weight. She is very muscular and If I remember correctly, muscle weighs more than fat. I wonder how heavy she will get when she is full grown? Before I take her out tonight I will weigh her, if that is possible.

Chelsea slept over tonight so I asked Nate if we could use his laptop again. He did let us use it, and gave Chelsea three pieces of BlackBlack gum and me two. I ate only one since I don't start getting hyper unless I am on two but she ate all three! So I was tired around 12:30 and she was boing. I found something out yesterday, the soldering that we have has lead content. Now why is that important? Well, whenever I am soldering I absently mindedly chew on the stuff, its not very often thankfully so I think I'll be ok.

I burnt my arm on the iron and it hurts like crazy because John left the drawer open in the desk when he got the camera out and I scraped my arm on it. Most of the times I get up from this chair I jab my leg into the corner of the keyboard tray and I seriously think that after a while I may get a hole in my leg. I was outside when it was windy so I decided to put my hood up, right after I did that Puppy jumped up and raked her long claws down the side of my face. If I hadn't had my hood up I am sure I would have four lines going down my face. Last night in self defense I accidentally punched Chelsea in the nose, she ran after me and managed to kick my knee before I got away. Thanks Chels, all the bruises from skating were just going away. Puppy dropped a glass jar on the floor and it broke, I stepped down on a piece of it and I didn't get cut because I had socks on. I don't know why I just wrote all that.

I cleaned the church today and at 2:59 I was in the car with my dad driving by Jazz Mongolia's eating a Snickers bar thinking about the cases of root beer that were on sale at Loeb's, three cases for $10 and wishing I had I nice can of cold root beer in my hand.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Cat and dog sleepin habits

This is were my cat spends her time sleeping, under the monitor shelf tucked away in my biology papers. McIntire sleeps on the towels or on my dads bed.

The dogs, on the other hand, sleep where ever. Snickers is at home on his blanket, the couch, the floor or John's bed. Puppy sleeps on Abby's bed, my bed, the floor, the ground, the couch, my lap, her blanket, Snicker's blanket or snow. She doesn't care were she sleeps as long as the cats leave her alone. The only thing with Puppy is that the more exercise she gets the more hyper she gets, she never gets tired. I wonder why they made a rabbit battery instead of a puppy battery.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tonka raceway

There is a lot of snow outside. Duh, why would it be inside? There are mounds of it all over the place where people shoveled, and here and there are yellow spots. Any body coming here would know we have dogs. I like the snow but I cant wait until spring when everything shows life again. Every thing is alive but it doesn't show.

Since the table is cleared off I really should start on my quilt again, but I have all winter to do that. It wont take me very long because I am using the sewing machine, so I'll just drag it out until I finally get done in April when my grandparents are supposed to visit. Grandma quilts all the time and I want to have this done by the time she comes. I never wanted to do quilting but I have found out recently that it is kinda fun. Just seeing it take shape and then its done and you can use it.

I am glad that I have christian friends, even though they are mostly boys, they are encouraging and everything but I miss spending time with Emily, for some reason God doesn't want me to have christian friends that are girls. I have two friends (that are girls) but they are not saved, and I'm afraid they are being more of an influence on me than the other way around.

Somebody ate the three pieces of swiss chocolate that my grandma gave me, and of course everybody blames Notme. Well, at least somebody enjoyed it, I don't like to eat chocolate that much and I didn't plan on eating that chocolate. John said it tasted like dog food and he also said he didn't eat it.

This is an interesting article, I plan to read more on that because this kind of history is really fascinating to me. I like reading any history, but Jewish history I like reading better. I heard of this movie called The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep, it looks interesting a little. Also National Treasure 2 is coming out soon, that will be interesting.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Donkey Kong vs. Tinkerbell

Since this is sorta like my journal I would like to write whatever I like but I have to be careful. But since this is my journal, I am going to write whatever I want. This is what happens when a person spends a lot of time with unsaved people and hear their bad language.

Today someone was messing with one of their siblings belongings and I told that person the shouldn't mess with that stuff because its owner would be-- and thats were I almost said, instead of mad, pissed as hell. And then I thought ion my mind "where the heck did that come from?" So then I decided to to just stop talking and really ask God to cleanse my mind. There have been time though, that I couldn't keep myself from saying a word. Like when somebody hung up on the other end of the cellphone that I said something and I felt really stupid, especially because Chelsea was right there and also (I don't know if he remembers that) Joseph was there. Its not like I wanted my friends and neighbors hear me say a nasty word, and it was a little embarrassing.

John pulled the cupboard on top of him this morning and trapped himself in side. I didn't get tp see it but it sounded painful/funny. Puppy is sleeping in the garage tonight. Hurray!!!! Tonight I get to sleep without a whinny barking canine trying to get out of her crate. I started cutting out more squares for another quilt I am making. This time it is a big one, not a little baby quilt. I have 2 nice stacks going and tomorrow I will start sewing with the machine. The baby one I hand sewed and that was painful and tedious. The weather got cold again so all the nice packing snow is all soft now. I cant pack it at all and my brothers have gone without presents for a whole day! Its just so sad.

My parents want me to go to bed now. Its only 10:42, but I guess I'll stop. I could write more though.

Now that everybody got to see what I bad speller I am, I fixed all those mistakes.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'll just leave this blank

They way I feel right now can not be described with words. I am some what tired and both of my knees hurt so bad. Its that patellofemoral pain syndrome acting up again. Its what I get for skating (which includes hockey) and then walking halfway there and all the way back from the sledding hill.

Josiah got bibleopoly for his birthday and we played that tonight. Ben won only because he got to advance and he named the church he completed Beninburg baptist Church. I would have won thanks to all the 10 offerings Joseph gave me, but Ben got that card, as I already mentioned. Elijah said that if he had won he would have named his church Faith Apostolic Church because of the apostles.

I am yawning every two seconds here and my eyes hurt, so I am going to bed.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Biology dreams

All the tiles on the wall are dingy ultra violet so you have to wear a yellow hat to ward of gamma rays that are trying to penetrate your puny brain and convince you of the fact that you need to by a purple drill, but you really wanted to buy that orange drill that has Toby Keith written all over it. Its a special addition drill the Santa and all his little green men made with a little help from Tinkerbell. So your hand keeps being drawn to the purple drill rack by what seems to be cookie force and it is so hard to resist the temptation. The reason you don't want to by that drill is because it is known to take over the person who owns it and turn them into a hard working person instead of the lazy disintegrating slooze ball that you are right now. All of a sudden you see this muscular looking rat drive up in his golf kart and grab a blue screwdriver with Steve Martin written all over it. Your hand suddenly drops and you find yourself driven by some imagined force over to the blue screwdriver rack. Steve always made you laugh when you really didn't feel like laughing and you could get that screwdriver to show off to your pet hamsters and tell them how idiotic Steve was. Suddenly a big LSD screen pops up out of the floor right under your nose and gives you a lessen about elements and atoms forming into molecules and how studying diffusion and osmosis may cause insomnia. That bit of information causes you to realize the you need to rest more when you study because sentences like when a solute travels across a membrane in order to even out concentration, __________ has occurred. When the solvent travels across a membrane in order to even out out concentration, ________ has occurred. _______ happens when a semipermeable. . . Thats when you lose it. So you grab the blue screwdriver, purple drill and orange drill and head out of Wally World forgetting that your mother sent you in to get a miniature watch with a camera and One Eyed Monster in side it. It was on sale to, only $1,000,000,000 if you buy a large double Mac with can of orange raspberry soda with it. It seems as though the managers of all the fast food restaurants decided to try this new flavor of soda and nobody likes it, root beer and coke seem to be the top flavorers still. Thats when you wake up covered in ice and then you cant sleep any more. You are so nervous that you will get a bad grade on you biology test that it screws up your mental abilities so that you feel like a blob of oozing mud and playdough mixed together. The rest of the night is filled terrible thoughts of grades less then 80% and you feel all jittery and you think day will never come. Then you wake up again and realize that you are sitting at the desk starring at your brother trying to drag the trailer through the snow and you look down at the biology papers in front of you and then decide to stop typing.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Lima bean

I changed the header again and updated my profile. I like them both better now.

Snickers got a cut on his leg and he wont stop licking it! I had to wrap a cloth diaper around it and put a sock on his foot to deter his licking but I don't know if it will work. Seriously, he needs to stop licking his leg or it will never heal up. The cut used to be really small and I thought it was just about healed up, now it is bigger and really icky looking because he wont stop licking. Mrs. Nemoyer, if you are reading this, do you have any suggestions?

I really don't have much to write and the ice cream is calling me. Plus I have a book on my bed, and speaking of bed I am tired and I did tell my mom that this would be a "short little post" so I am leaving. Goodnight people and enjoy your lima beans.


Saturday, December 8, 2007

Roast beef sandwiches

Ahhhh, A new post. Breathe deeply and hope ideas about what to write will suddenly pop into your head.

I wonder what personality people would describe me as having. I changed the header on this blog, instead of boring words I have words. I case you can't read it, it says:

Warning: You may need to get new glasses. Don't let anyone forget you when you indulge in licorice at the locker that belongs to Davie.

I watched Flight 93 at Sarah's this morning. And we played BlackHawk2, Bejeweled, Super Granny, Sponge Bob mazes, Lemonade Tycoon2, Dinner Dash, FATE, and lots of other games on Nate's notebook. I had roast beef sandwiches for lunch and that was good.

Its only 8:55 right now, and its already December. Time flies so fast, I remember when I was 12 thinking that time went so slow and how long it would be until I could get my picture on my health card and learn how to drive. And now, in approximately 1,920 hours I will be 16. And I wish I could go back to 12 and not be so impatient and just slow down. Its always hurry, hurry, hurry and why cant somebody just say "whoa, hey guys stop", go read or sit in the rain or study snowflakes and marvel how God made every one different than the next. Or go look at a leaf and see all the veins and everything, or spend some time in prayer instead of washing evil window blinds. I dunno, it just seems that at the end of the day we (including me) are so tired we cant read even the bible or we are so tired we fall asleep praying or we are so cranky and we snap out at everybody. Sure, I know its not like that all the time.

Gwandle has three bluish gray stripes running down her neck and back that are so pretty. She is such a nice kitty and I wouldn't trade her for any other cat in th world. She is sitting on my lap trying to sleep but I keep having to get up and she is getting sore about it. She regards me as some weird thing with bead snakes and a comfortable bed that must obey her every last commend to the letter. I think she picked that up from Her Majesty McIntire. The only thing is, there can only be one cat queen and when the cat's sizes are unequal, McIntire gets the advantage. So my poor kitty is second in command, but not for long.

Well, I must stop now, Her Majesty Puppy awaits her food. Arrg, dogs!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Math = bla

I am not going to be writing much tonight. My finger tips are sore from sewing the binding on the baby quit that Lizzy, Abby and I are making for Samuel. This quilts is made out of 4"x4'' squares and I knotted it, I just have to finish the binding and it will be done.

We got our large oranges from Florida (via Chelsea's school) today, they are quite good. At first we thought they were grapefruit because they were so big!

I am going to do school all day tomorrow, so nobody bother me. I am tired of my conscience telling me to get with it, so I guess tomorrow I will get caught up. I am only on lesson 20 in my math and I started several months ago.

good night

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

um, I don't like titles

They put this weird new keyboard on, so it takes me longer to type. For one thing, it's curved. I don't like the curve because it rubs my wrist wrong. And then the keyboard is divided in half, but at least its quite, if I stay up till' 12 in the morning typing they wont know.

Puppy is finally learning that her fence is a good thing. She is still scared of it a little, but I had her out there by herself ( with Snickers as a temptation) from around 11am to 3 in the afternoon. I think she liked the freedom, but might have enjoyed it better if Snickers was within reach. We have to get him a collar to, cause' he loves to chase cats ans we can't have him racing through peoples yards after the neighbors or our cat. He did that last summer and we caught up to him in the "guy who doesn't like animals and owns a gun" yard.

I have started reading the theological novels by Richard P. Belcher again. They are great for people who have a hard time getting interested in other theological books. The set is in the church library, but I have I think, the third, fourth and fifth books here. They are pretty interesting.

I wish somehow that I could make my friends see that they aren't getting to Heaven because they are good or because they have been baptized, but I cant. Only He can. It just seems so simple to me, why cant they see? Salvation is a gift but everybody thinks they have to work for it.

Must people don't find out till' its too late that someone has to pay the price, you could pay it yourself (hah) or let someone else, but who would be that nice to pay a debt that they did not owe? You know, you're gonna find out no mater which way you go that He is the Way the Truth the Life, but I pray you find out by His love for you.

Sometimes I wonder if something in my life hinders things, or do I need to be patient? I know I have stupid pride and my heart needs melted a bit. Or do I just not get to see my friends saved, someone else does? Be glad I posted those last sentences, I wasn't sure if I wanted to at first.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Boule de neige

Since it is exactly three weeks until Christmas, here are two songs found in one of my history books. I found them amusing,

No Christmas (to the tune of "White Christmas")

I'm dreaming there'll be no Christmas
Just like those Scottish days of yore
When the people listened
Reformed truth glistened
And they laid low the Romish whore.

I'm dreaming there'll be no Christmas
And that the truth will be revived
May God's people follow His light
And put out this superstitious rite.

Or how about this one,

Barks the Papist to his Friend (to the tune of "Hark the Herald Angels Sing")

Barks the papist to his friend
Help us reach our wicked end
Keep the world in superstition
And destroy Protestantism.

Let them keep our Christmas day
Protestants, the pope will say,
Come and celebrate our mass
And help us in our wicked task

Dark the day that we give in
And celebrate that popish sin.

If you look at the rest of them, notice who wrote them. I wonder if he is the Dobson.

We got a fridge/freezer side by side and a washer and a dryer from the Crocker's today. Their house will be pretty nice once they finish fixing it up. The paint is pealing, sheet rock looks like it will fall down any moment and the tiles on the floor are curling up. Mrs. Crocker told me that in her bedroom, there was a large hole in the ceiling that had been covered with plastic. NOw that they fixed it you wouldn't be able to tell that it was there. She also said that the shower downstairs was filthy (even though instructions for cleaning the shower were taped to the inside) and that instead of opening up into the bathroom (which is smaller than my dinning table) it opened up into the living room. They have a big wood cook stove and another smaller wood stove, they also use an old hand powered washing machine and oil lamps and they turned their freezer into an icebox. They must save on electricity though.

My grandparents don't have very much snow. Grandpa said that they got a light dusting this morning but then it melted. Too bad for them, we get the snow. The drifts out back go past my knees; the dogs love how deep it is. They roll around and bury their faces in it then jump up and pounce on each other. Then they come in to eat all covered in snow and wagging tails.

I like roses. They are nice looking and they smell nice. Every color of rose is nice, but I like the kind with yellow in the center and red on the tips. We have a rose bush outside, and hopefully it'll bloom next year. I cant wait to see what color they are, even though I know they will probably be pink or red. Maybe I'll get different kinds of rose bushes and, if its possible, cross them until I get a nice rose color. That would be cool.

Monday, December 3, 2007


To all you people (I mean person) who suggested that I copied the covered bridge, I wont post any more of my drawings for a while. So there :D Ok, I'm not serious, but I am not going to post a picture that I didn't draw or that I traced somehow, I would only post pictures that I drew. Don't worry, I am laughing right now, I'm not mad or anything. I am laughing the evil laugh of someone planning revenge in the form of snow balls on a skating rink or something to that effect. I just remembered something, Rom 12:19 Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord. Hehehehe

We had lots of lovely snow came down today, white and cold. Whats his name next door snow blowed our driveway for us. I think maybe cause' he likes to and maybe cause' George did their driveway. Anyways, that was nice of him. I am practicing my aim, and the telephone pole and propane tank lid have gotten several white splats. I found out today that Puppy doesn't appreciate snowballs thrown at her because when she is not expecting them she nearly jumps out of her skin.

I tried to upload a video of Tim's new horse but blogger couldn't for some reason. He was bouncing on poor Snickers back and Snickers looked rather annoyed. He kept turning around and licking Tim's face which (I think) he knew Tim didn't like. Finally Snickers stood up and Timmy slid onto he floor, it was quite funny.

I went to the library today. There were not very many people there so it was quite. I had the whole upstairs to myself and downstairs was almost the same, except for all the guys on he computers. I have been studying the war between the states (I think thats what it is called), the one with Abraham Lincoln and slavery. I think I should read over that section again, I'm not even sure about what the war was called. So I got a book about that, one about drawing cartoons, a couple about Bangladesh and India, one about the war in Afghanistan because it looked interesting and one about Amish because it looked interesting. Some of the books upstairs should be thrown out; they are so full of garbage. I'm not sure why they are in the kids section, they should be in the teens or downstairs or even better in the garbage.

I suppose I should go to bed now since everybody else has, I just don't fell tired. Times like this I get a sudden burst of talent I and I draw or write something exceptionally good.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

My buddy Bubba

My breath taste like onions and it's terrible. The keyboard, for some odd reason, has hair on it. Its funny when I look in the window in front of me, there is a double reflection. It looks cool. Snowball fights are fun but they are even better when they are allowed, I found that out tonight. Last night Puppy and Gwandle had a argument and Puppy was hurt. Why did the big dog get hurt by the little kitten? I don't get it. Tomorrow is Monday, I don't know why that seems "special" to me but it does. If it wasn't for spell check, my posts would look terrible. There is a nice lot of facts for you all.

I think I mentioned that I would put a few pictures of drawings I did on here. So these are a few I did. The dolphin one looks chunky in my opinion and that dopey little minnow is a lunch for the monster fish named Bubba in the castle. My favorite is the covered bridge and then the one with a red dot in the center, I think I drew when I was messed up in the head. I have more drawings which I will post at a later date.

When Puppy dies I want to get a hairless dog that looks so ugly that people will be scared just looking at it. I was watching a video about a contest for ugliest dog, and the dog who won was a hairless old thing that was missing lots of teeth. What teeth it did have were long and yellow and they looked as if any minute they were gonna sink into a person. And this dog had whiskers and a little stiff tuft of hair on the top of its head.

I have been trying to put a blog log on here but for some reason it says that Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete. Bah, you idiotic computer! Its a simple little request to go to, why cant you? It irritates me, I have an account all set up but I cant put it on my blog so that I can see who the most recent visitors were without logging into stat counter. And so that every body else can see my cute little puppy.

I wonder if I should write more serious stuff on this blog.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Two legged horse

I was over at Chelsea's house last night and today. We played Rummy-O, Yahtzee and Mario Kart and ate cookies. You'd think that since I didn't write yesterday I would have lots to say, but I don't. There is supposed to be a lot of snow tonight and I cant wait, I hope it is packing snow cause' that kind of snow is great for snowballs. John cut Timmy's hair so I butched Tim's hair so that it would look better. I thought Tim would be scared of the hair cutters but he actually like it and when the cutters would go over his head he went "oooooooh" and when I went around his ears he laughed and said it tickled, after a little he got tired of it and John was distracting him so I had to hurry. He looks cute.

I came across this site today, its kinda funny. Whoever say a two-legged horse?

And have know fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. Ephesians 5:11 That is a verse to think about.

I have been thinking about a lot of things lately, and I would like to write about them here but something stops me. Something about a public blog makes me stop and think about what I write so I don't offend anyone with careless words. I think I will stop now, my head is in a turmoil. I will go write on paper then copy onto here. Oh well, another short post.

I guess these two pictures describe what I feel right now.