Saturday, May 9, 2009

they made my favorite cookies at home so i hope they eat a ton for me

ok well i am trying to write again, its kinda hard. i am at my grandparents being bored, well not bored just tired and missing everybody at home. today we celebrated dan and deb stubers 25th anniversary and also my grandma's, debs and two other woman's birthdays. the thing was, i hardly knew anybody so i mostly sat and people watched. i also climbed this awesome tree and carved the date in its trunk and then sat out over a flooded creek turned river and dropped pieces of bark in the water. its fun.

i love that emoticon that's the big grin, so today while grocery shopping i saw this stand, like what bubble gum is in, and it had a bunch of key chain thingys with smileys on them so i took my chances and actually got the big grin smiley, so now im happy. seems like a small thing to get so happy about but hey thats me lol. my grandparents are awesome, they ask me what food i want and they get it, like a bunch of root beer and all the sugar cereal.

i think it will rain soon, with all this wind and dark sky. i hope we get a big thunderstorm but i doubt that will happen, sadly. i haven't seen a good thunderstorm since i was sick one sunday night and i sat out with john on the old porch and watched the lightning.

i got a dog last december, she looks like a chihuahua and shes part chihuahua to so i guess that's why. so her name is tomo and she also looks like a miniature pinscher, so look that up on google and you know what she looks like since blogger is annoying and wont let me put a picture up. shes a cool dog and the ticks love her.

nothing like instant messaging, well there is but you know what i mean. one tuesday i spent till threeish i think on charlie playing games and chatting. i sound so lazy. but ive been working sorta, we have almost got all the pictures sorted, and my grandma had a lot. like boxes full. we would be like yay we're all done, and then we would fine another box or two. i got 72 more postcards for my collection and some of them are nice and old. old pictures are so cool, and the clothes they wear are all black and ick looking, but still cool. i also help cook, which i like the best now that i know where everything is. and today i helped plant tomatoes and peppers. so i am having fun.

i like voice chat to, its awesome.

well guess this blog isnt dead completely, but its getting there, maybe i can resurrect it but i doubt it. since i have facebook and i chat with him all the time, i kinda don't blog as much. but hey when i get the sudden urge to write then this is a good outlet. is that the word? anyways you all can figure out what i mean. i guess this is it for a while, i want to go get some supper.