Thursday, November 5, 2009

if love is a labor, i’ll slave till’ the end


i recently discovered windows live writer, and its cool. so instead of diligently doing math this afternoon, i played around on this. 


my dad told us today that he thought the couch was comfortable but ugly, sooo its going bye bye. he got a couch and chair from bill to replace them and i just want to make sure that everyone knows that i am against this whole idea, i like the couch we have now even if people say its ugly.

this cat of mine doesn't seem to understand that the keyboard is not meant to walk on and that my mouse is a fake mouse made out of plastic, not a real flesh and blood mouse. garfield is very curious, i see where they got the saying that curiosity killed the cat.

i went for a walk/hike on tuesday with my mom and some of my siblings. there is a large spread of ATV and skidoo trails around here, and part of it is right near our house, so we hiked out in the woods for about 2 hours. we came to a dead end in a cornfield and had to cross a cow pasture that had one large and furry bull in it and as we crossed it stood there and stared at us, rather unnerving. he didn't do anything which is cool, other bulls in my experience would have been like, oh look some people to trample, and would have come after us. and on the way back we had to cross the raisin river and abby and i didn't want to walk all the way around to the bridge so we waded across. it was cold.

the other day i watched transformers 2 with chelsea. i mean i sorta watched it with her, she had to leave soon after turning it on. most of it was cool, especially the twins and the ending. and the music was cool lol i have like the entire sound track already so i recognized all the music.

not much else is going on, at least nothing that i care to write here. if you want anything more interesting you'd have to read my journal and that's not happening.

my math is so fun, and i'm not being sarcastic

yea so just click on that and you'll get a bigger picture