Wednesday, May 28, 2008

go dog go

albino turtle

bull frogs



what looks like a bad hair cut

the pig again


ronald mcdonald

more zoo

at the far right there is a lynx


miniature horse again


the little boys

white wolf (he was eating a mouse)

black bear

mountain lion

the hog

minature horse

american eagle

tim in the eagles nest

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


rattler something or other

some other big bad snake

i think thats new york's biggest lizard

ducks of course
and an owl

the rest of the pictures will have to wait until tomorrow. i get up at 5:30, so i am gonna go enjoy my six and a half hours of sleep now.

the turkeys

wooden park

mom, tim and grandma

tim was having some trouble getting down

i told her to freeze than i took the picture


close up

driving nowhere

i'll get to the zoo pics next

i guess the sun was bothering him


its actually pretty fun to do this but you get strange looks

the monkey

and his sister

hes about to jump off

a ladder of tires

may the force be with you

my sister

oh my

i figured it was about time i wrote something. i haven't been bored enough to sit down here and take the time to log on and write, and i couldn't think of anything to write. besides its not a job i've taken on; why do i get the feeling that i'm rambling.

so i am now the owner of this:
if you click on the picture it gets bigger. my pig is not this big because he is a potbellied but he still equals bacon and spareribs. we named him hammy or hamish (and occasionally porky), whichever you prefer; no relation at all to the cartoon character that used to be in the newspaper. here is a real picture of him:

i woke up sunday to snickers barking and three people telling me that the pig was loose. three people. you would think that they could know that somebody already told me, especially since they came right after each other. it was as if all three of them stood outside my door taking turns telling me, and my mother was almost a fourth but by then i had come out of my room. the stupid thing (sorry, i know stupid is a not nice word) refused to go back into its cage but continued to foam at the mouth and grind its teeth while "doing things" with the neighbors pig. so elijah picked up a drain thingy for the roof and i got a 2x2 and we whacked that thing into its pen. all during the service i kept thinking that he had gotten loose again and was in the garden but thankfully he was sleeping when we got home. after having a lovely bean burrito dinner i spent the rest of the afternoon fixing his pen. and he hasn't gotten loose since.

my apologies to anybody who thinks that a potbellied pig is a pet not a lump of meat waiting to be BBQ and eaten. i understand that for some reason you let them in the house and i know that pigs are intelligent but every time i look at that pig i think spareribs and bacon and ham. i just hope theres no creepy spider around to hear about my intentions for this pig. . .

i got my finger stubbed catching a football and i can tell you that i wont be cracking that knuckle for awhile.

we passed this on the highway this afternoon:

well, actually we didn't pass it, we went over it on the overpass. hopefully whoever was driving the semi is ok.

the snowball bushes are blooming and they look pretty. and the lilacs smell so nice. i hope the cherry trees bloom soon.

i have a bunch of pictures to put on here from our visit to the zoo and a few others.

oh, my laptop is finally fixed, thanks nate.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

lions and tigers and bears

Mom said I should put this on my blog. This is my dog, my best friend.

Cause of course, dogs are man's best friend.

She is now to big to lift and she doesn't like it anyways.

Why do I seem to get all the car sick animals? Puppy throws up and other things when I take her to the vet, and that is really annoying. Today I went to the vet with Gwandle to get her weighed (she's either two pounds or two kilograms, I'm not sure. Two pounds makes sense) and to get Advantage for those pesky fleas. I put her in the car and she went wild doing body slams on the window and windshield trying to get out. So I figured it would be good to put her in the cat carrier and it was. So on the way home we started smelling an overpowering cat smell, and sure enough she had relieved her self and was now sopping it all up with her big bushy tail.

John loves trains. Whenever we go to church or into Cornwall he will ask to go over the train tracks, hoping that a train will come by. Today we were coming home and he had fallen asleep by the time we had gotten to the tracks, and this time there was a train coming, so I leaned over and said "John theres a train" and instantly he was awake all excited at the weally fast train.

I found out tonight that I don't like crab meat and those mussels or whatever you call them taste interesting. I just don't get why they cant clean out the mussel thingys? Why do they leave all the insides for you to either eat or clean out? And "Chinese" french fries taste just like McDonald's french fries.

Jill and I were walking to the mall yesterday when several police cars went by, making us curious as to what was going on. Later we found out that a 17 year old stabbed and killed a 16 year old at the college. Thats the second murder for this year in Cornwall, lats see how many more we can get. That was sarcasm; but seriously, I hope this guy gets more than a "slap on the wrist" for murdering somebody. I am kinda tired of all the teens killing people and getting away with it, for now at least, but still getting away with it. Somebody mentioned knife control in relation to this, but I don't think that will work. Everywhere guns are allowed and there is know gun control (like in Texas and some parts in Georgia) the crime rate is practically zero, but places where there is gun control the crime rate is pretty high.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

to my mother,


Thursday, May 8, 2008

my brothers

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I am getting two rabbits tomorrow, big meat rabbits that I am going to use for breeding and then we will eat their offspring.
This is the male,

and this is the female. This female rabbit is a lot like Lilly, which I wrote about in a previous post. I am kinda excited, as I miss having bunnies around and as these rabbits are big.

I broke my dresser trying to get on my bed today. I really should get Josiah to build a ladder for me, but he is not feeling well right now.

Ben's mouse had four babies that are about the size of jelly beans. They are really cute and really small. The cat is really interested in them. Too many reallys sound funny.

From what I've heard Baby Jo is no longer Baby Jo, he is Jonathan or better yet Jonathan Earl Smith. Hopefully my mom wasn't going to write about that, its hard having three blog writers here and trying not to write about something that somebody else was going to write about.

My parents and the little boys went to the Watertown Zoo today. John, from what I have heard, wasn't too thrilled with the mountain lions, and I don't blame him. I've read too many horror stories about them in the Readers Digests when I visit my grandparents. I would carefully read everything but the mountain lion story and then think to myself, "I am in a house, the windows are closed, nothing can get in here" Then I would go ahead and read the story, scare myself half to death and then turn the light off. Then I would lie awake for several hours jumping at every noise until I finally fell asleep.

I forgot to close my window so my cat may have come in on my bed and could be filling it with fleas so I will go and make sure that is not happening.

This website is strange.