Tuesday, February 26, 2008


This laptop is really cool. Now I dont have to wait for somebody to get off the other computer so that I can get on, and then by the time I get on its time for bed. And its way nicer to sit on the couch and write than on the computer chair. The only thing is that there is no spellcheck, so if I am not careful then everybody will see how bad I am at spelling. I think I will be doing a lot of reading and re-reading to make sure everything is spelled right.

The cats are being their normal ridiculous selves since night is here. Running around and chasing each other all over the place. Mcintire has these weird lumps by her "shoulder", they fell like little hard bubbles. They don't hurt her or anything becasue when I was feeling them she didnt seem to be in any discomfort or anything. You know those monkeys that have long arms and legs thathave velcro on the ends? Puppy attacked one once and sorta dismembered it, so now Gwandle's favorit toy is the monkey's severed leg. She grabs it in her teeth and carries it around the house and sometimes she will fall over onto the floor and give the leg a few viciouse kicks than jump back up and run around some more.

Caleb showed me where to get a spellcheck for IE but I think it will only start working on a new post or something because I am pretty sure some of these words are miss spelled and its not catching it.

Nate bought Sim City 4 and that should be fun. I don't play very many computer games becasue I am not a "computer game" person. After spending a while playing something I feel really "pent" up and if I am not careful I may accidently harm the person sitting next to me. Like when I played NHL with Elijah and of course I lost the first game but I punched him a little to hard, hopefully he has forgotten that. The next game we played I really beat him so than I felt better. But it would help if sugary drinks were kept far away from game pads and keyboards, that way when I play Mario Kart with Chelsea and I am given the sticky game pad I wont look so weird getting in like ninth place.

The snow is really packy and making snowballs today was really easy. Elijah kept packing them really hard so it felt like an ice ball and that hurt. I probably have bruises, and he will too when I get finished with him tomorow. I just hope the snow doesnt get all dry and powdery tonight because that would ruin everything.

So I guess both of the brakes broke on the van today. Good thing they broke in our drivway and not on the highway, that might have been scary. So because of that we didnt go skating and we then planned to go sledding after lunch, only after lunch we learned that both were broken. So we didnt go anywhere except to play in out yard. Elijah pulled me on the GT and tryed to toss me off by doing really sharp and fast turns but it didnt work, he ended up falling more than I did. I was pulling John when Elijah got the bright idea to jump over the rope giving me the perfect oppertunity to trip him. Poor Elijah, I abuse him too much I think, he is the only Elijah brother I have so I should be careful.

I havent seen Sarah at all this week, I think she decides that Chelsea got over to me first so she can't play with us. So to avoid arguments and shouting and possibly to avoid being with Chelsea I guess she stays at her house. But thats only speculation, I dont know that for sure.

Its been pretty easy to write tonight, normally I have to tear my brain apart to find a little scrap of something interesting or not so interesting to write.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

four hunderd thirty seven

This computer goes so slow sometimes. It almost makes me mad because it used to go so nice and fast but not now.

I still have to write a post about Christian rock bands, I just don't know what to write. Probably because my view of them has changed a little and I need to rethink things. I have been listening to different bands and one is called Flyleaf, the picture is them. They consider themselves to be somewhat a "Christian rock band", while not as positive, but hopeful and intense. You can read Lacey's testimony on wikipedia. I have listened to their song called "All Around Me" so many times. I don't know why, but I like that song. She is supposed to be singing about the Lord, but I am sure some people might apply it to a boyfriend as well.

I hope by this Friday maybe I'll get my G-1. Mom says she might help pay for it, and I only need $55 more, unless I could babysit a few more times this week. The Cotes needed somebody to watch the kids last Friday but I cant since they can never get me back in time for youth group.

My birthday is on Wednesday, I can hardly believe it. Time flies I guess, flew kinda fast though I think. I cant think of anything to write and my cat is being a pain.

Friday, February 22, 2008


Elizabeth is sitting next to me radiating Chelsea's perfume. I messed my back up coming home and it fells like someone is grabbing the muscles under my shoulder and twisting them. Or like someone is grinding their thumb under my shoulder blade. Anyways, it hurts. I could barely get a drink to swallow the Advil.

I am tired so I will see how long I can stay awake since Chelsea is over. Maybe I'll have some coffee or something or some gum. I just wanna go to bed, so I think Elijah will do a lot of the entertaining tonight.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

you know your a homeschooler when

Your stacks of books to check out are taller than the librarian.
Your PE comes from chasing little toddlers around.
Your school bus is a 12 passenger van.
Your father has told the check-out lady at Wal-mart, "We're on a field trip."
Your social life is viewed by some to be one rung lower than that of a Benedictine monk.
The signatures on your diploma all end with the same last name.
The word 'homework' sounds like a foreign language.
Your yearbook is also your baby book.
A snow day means that you shovel the driveway after you finish your school work.
Health class consists of eating breakfast.
You have to decide what year you want to graduate.
The teacher can kiss the principal, and no one thinks it's unusual.
You get to school and the teacher asks you if you've done all your chores.
You have a bottle of water in your fridge labeled- do not drink, science experiment.
You have no clue how to use a calculator.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cookie monster no longer

I don't think tree house is a good channel to watch for an extended period of time. When Eva is awake we watch stuff like Go Diego Go and Barney but when she is asleep I watch stuff like snowboarding or hockey or something like that.

Eva just took all my change (almost four bucks worth) and dropped it into her shepherdess bank. I was sitting here writing the last paragraph and she was playing around with the "moneys" talking about a bank. Then she runs into her room and I hear coins rolling down and falling onto other money. I said "Eva, what are you doing with my money?" and she says that she is taking it. So I said "Eva wait, give me the big yellow ones, please Eva, thats my pop money" so she says "no no its my moneys" and by then they were all down in the bank before I could stop her.

But it is lots of fun babysitting her. We went outside and she was running around saying wheee wheeee this is fun over and over and we climbed the snow "mountains" and she says I coming over and over.

What happened to the cookie monster? He had an entire basket full of banana peels that he had eaten. I would have thought that he would have had a lot of candy wrappers and cookie containers. I guess a popular puppet who ate cookies all the time wasn't setting a good example to children for good eating habits. Right now the poor cookie monster is being stalked by a lamp post while the wall he is trying to lean on is moving. Freaky, scary or something.

Monday, February 18, 2008

which is which

Here are two pictures of two popular rock bands. One is "christian" one is not, now you tell me which is which. I know that some people who read my blog should recognize them and some may not. After John has his computer time I will write some more. ttfn

Sunday, February 17, 2008

nuke the CD

For some reason there was freezing rain tonight so we didn't go to church. Liz was supposed to tell John how to say John 3:16, and then she started reciting "I am the good Shepherd. . ." and we all laughed. It was a little mean though because we made her cry, but it was a little funny.

I think I am going to go through my "poems" and put a few on here, but I don't guarantee anything. Most of them are really bleh, but there may be a scant few worth repeating. I threw a lot of my poems away because they didn't make sense and some of them would have been offensive, but anyways, my brain thinks up pretty weird things sometimes. I wish every once and awhile that I hadn't thrown them away, but out with the old and in with the new, like 2 Corinthians 5:17.

After snow camp is over than I cant wait for summer, as long as summer isn't muggy. I would really like to see something green, and rain. Not this freezing rain but a nice thunder storm like we had in Texas, if thats possible here.

Mcintire is a large cat and very annoying. She is sitting here cleaning herself but she is right in front of the monitor and I cant really see much. I have already moved her three times already. Ok, now she lay down and I can see again, but now she is on the mouse. I didn't know cats like computer mice, I thought they only liked the furry and warm blood filled ones. I didn't know McIntire like mice period, she is a bird cat.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

swirly strawberry laptops

So I am at Jill's apartment right now and its nice and quiet. We cleaned the church together and so now she is in the shower while I write.

Jeff gave me a ride on his skidoo and that was so fun! He was going like 90 with the skis in the air and even though it was fun, it was scary. I cant wait to do it again though.

I slept up at Sarah's last night and that was fun. John made me a cake for my birthday and Sarah and I ate it before we went to bed. It was really good, still warm and everything. I cant think of much to write so this will have to be it. Good bye peoples

Friday, February 15, 2008

family history

I was looking through my dad's pictures from his family and I found some interesting ones. I'd like to put some on here but right now I cant use the scanner. But I found a picture of my dad's biological dad so now I have a face to match with a name. And my great Uncle Hank who served two tours in Vietnam and retired as Chief Warrant Officer. He also participated in the Operation Georgia in Da Nang. He got,

Navy Commendation Medal with combat V
Presidential Unit Citation
Navy Achievement Medal
RVN Service Ribbon
RVN Campaign Medal with five stars
National Defense Medal with one star
Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal with three stars.

I have a picture of him with three of his buddies in Camp McTureous in Okinawa Japan.

And then there are all the pictures of Aunt Pat who was killed, my dad says I look like her but I don't know. And there are old pictures of Great Great Great (more or less greats, I don't know how many) Grandpa Grinnell and Grandma Newton. This Grandma Newton looks like she just sucked a lemon, and my mom says that some of the old ladies could swear like a sailor. And there is a picture of a bunch of men standing in front of a beat up old car that says "beer injected" and other stuff. Most of these pictures are black and white to.

There is a picture of my dad as a young man wearing only shorts (rather short shorts) with shoulder length curly hair. Abby and Lizzie were shocked to say the least. And pictures of my dad as a baby, which is hard to imagine. Its hard imagine my dad as this cute little baby in an old looking stroller with with a bunch of shirtless boys standing around him. All those boys are my uncles, and some of the boy(s) are dead. The only saved people in my dads family are himself, Granny and possibly Grampa Donahue.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bob meets blender

Poor Bob, he must have tasted good though.

I thought this was a little funny, but hopefully nobody thinks that they are making fun of the Bible or anything.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

donkey donkey

My cat has been meowing so much lately. For a while I was wondering if she had a voice, except for a few meows here and there she was silent. Now she makes so much noise especially when she is gone wacko at night and its strange.

There is this song that Justin Timberlake sings called Sexy Back. Tonight Lia came in after we were done praying and asked Jill if she could bring Eva back into the auditorium. Jill starts going "Were bringing Eva back, yeah" and then she starts singing "dirty girl, dirty diaper smells just like a squirrel". It was kinda funny and I laughed some, and I just love that look people give you when they think you shouldn't know what they are talking about but you do.

My mom got this new cleaner that isn't a powder its like a cream. I really like it because powder cleaners like comet make my nose sting and I start getting a headache, the problem with this new stuff is that apparently one of the ingredients in it I am allergic to or something because every time I use it my hand feel so itchy and I have got these weird rashes popping up on my hands and wrists. I guess I'll have to wear gloves.

I cleaned my room up so nice today and had everything in their places. I even swept the floor and emptied the two overflowing garbage cans and took all the cups out. I put all the dolls away and picked all the Lego out of my pencils, I put all the art paper in a stack and I washed white out of the window. I then a few hours later I come back in my room and its a mess. Annoyed is not the word, neither is frustrated or any other word that describes extreme displeasure. Man, I was so mad, I am seriously going to take all their toys and put them in the cellar and if they get all moldy, oh well.

My favorite books are history books and A Beka's language/reading books for the high school age people and poetry books. There is nothing like reading Homer when you are half asleep, or reading Edgar Allen Poe when you are annoyed at your sisters and its night. Not that I read it out loud of course, Lizzy gets the chills in the day when I read The Raven or The bells.

. . .And the silken, sad, uncertain rustling of each purple curtain
Thrilled me---filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before;
So that now, to the beating of my heart, I stood repeating
"'Tis some stranger entreating entrance at my chamber door---
Some late visitor entreating entrance at my chamber door;---
This and nothing more. . .

. . .Then, methought, the air grew denser, perfumed from an unseen censor
Swung by Seraphim whose foot-falls tinkled on the tufted floor.
"Wretch," I cried, "thy God hath lent thee---by these angels he has sent thee
Respite---respite and nepenthe from they memories of Lenore;
Quaff, oh quaff this kind nepenthe and forget this lost Lenore!"
Quoth the Raven "Nevermore." . . .

The poem of The Bell is way to long to repeat a verse here so if you want to read it, go look it up. Edgar uses the word bells at least 61 times in that poem and when I read it, saying "bells, bells, bells, bells, bells" over and over gets tiring.

History is so fascinating, I love reading history. I wanted to read more about Canada so I got out the Canadian history book we have and it is one of the best books I have ever read.

On the 23rd My family is going to the canal in Ottawa. The Tessiers (I hope I spelled that right) and the whoever in the Underwood family are coming plus Chelsea and Sarah if they are allowed. That will be so fun and I am going to bring lots of money for beaver tails.

head on your shoulders

I tried to get this picture bigger, but I couldn't for some reason. Its one fire man doing chest compressions while the other fire man does the breathing, the problem is that the head is not connected to the rest of the body.
I did a whole lot of chest compressions on these dummies and their chests get a bit painful after 180 compressions. And thats not a number I made up, thats how many times I did it in one session, and for some reason I was sweating when I was done.
A Baby Blues comic, now why did they take that comic out of the newspaper? I liked it a lot better than some of the new comic stuff they put in there.
I love these things, they are so fun to use. I just hope I never have to use one on a real human. I was told that if the AED didn't include a razor to shave of chest hair, that I was to put an extra set of pads (they are really sticky) on and then rip them off to remove hair. I think that the person would suddenly have their heart start beating if that happened.
Baby Anne looks so cute and cuddly, but beware, beneath her pink striped pj's lies a chest that is hard and unyielding.
How to give CPR, I have got this memorized. Whats important about this picture is that it is revised. 15 compressions hardly do anything, you have to do 30 now. So 2 breaths and then 30 compressions.
This is to show were the sternum is, you don't want to break this little bone because you could kill the person. So be careful.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

donkey donk

I was watching the kids yesterday while my parents were in town and that was like listening to the baha men's song "who let the dogs out" while eating spaghetti upside down. John kept spitting on everybody and throwing things and knocking laundry down while I am trying to do school.

I learned yesterday that Richard Simmons is really scary. He has got this hair that is all boingy and he has a high voice that reminds me of people breathing helium and he is so bouncy and moving around. Maybe he does breath helium and that has affected his mental abilities. But anyways, he is freaky.

I want to go skating (for my birthday) one of these weekends. The canal is actually able to be skated upon but we wouldn't be able to play hockey. But then Chelsea doesn't want to play hockey and I really like beaver tails, but I want to play hockey.

The kids are home from school so I think I'll stop now. I'll probably write later.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


I was going to write but dad says it is time for bed.

I wanted to get a picture of the moon but it was cold and I didn't even see the moon. Puppy was being really annoying and I almost gave in to kicking her. We had four visitors in church tonight.

Well, even though I wont fall asleep for a few more hours I have to go to bed. I am not tired at all and somehow I feel like I am wasting time when I go to bed when I cant sleep. I mean I could be writing here or reading a book or something, I could even start my school work.

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Today and yesterday were busy days. Yesterday I babysat three little kids, Sarai, Antoni and Alice. Sarai is a girly girl and is "tender" and Alice kept pinching her and stuff making Sarai cry and Antoni was being a typical boy. Judith was out shopping and she was late so I ended up not going to youth group, but Sarah and Chelsea still went without me which is good. After I got home I spent the night at Chelsea's and after we played sorry we put a movie on and then we both fell asleep about twenty minutes into the movie. Today we had our annual business meeting which is always lots of fun, and this year the little kids behaved quite well. Except for John being scary towards Eva. I played chess with Joseph and he won, which was really annoying, but oh well. After everybody left Jill, Elijah, Joseph, Ben and I cleaned the church and ordered pizza for supper. That was good.

Snow camp is coming up soon and I hope this year all us teens will really become "on fire" for the Lord, and take it home with us. Chelsea may be coming so I hope this year maybe the Lord will use the preaching to save her.

I cant really think of much to write. Elijah wants me to play rook with him but two player rook is boring in my opinion, I suggested we wait and see if Joseph wants to play. Well, that all for tonight people.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


I really would like to write something but I have no clue what. I could really use some sort of challenge right now. I am getting relatively good grades in biology, and good grades in math, old history books are getting the "same old same old" read to them and I find myself spending more time playing computer games and watching videos than doing something useful. I want to volunteer at the St. John place but my parents are either not taking me seriously or they just don't want me to and they don't want to say so. Or maybe they forgot, they seem to do that a lot.
I am getting really tired of all the fighting between Chelsea and Sarah. If they cant share the time spent with me than I guess I'll just be with one girl one day and the other girl the next day. I'll always sit in the middle and never sit by one girl and not the other, if I sleep at one girls house one weekend, I sleep at the others the next and if I have one girl over than I'll have the other girl over right after. I'll never talk about "she and I" it will always be "we" I will always be perfectly fair and never favor one girl over the other. Yeah right.

Chelsea's mom was teasing me about Joseph again. I would think that since people have been doing that for ever it shouldn't bother me, (and it doesn't, really) but I am tired of it already. Seriously.

Cats are such peaceful furry animals. Its nice to have a furry lump sleeping on the desk as I write. I think MacIntire has some other house that she visits. She comes in smelling like wood smoke sometimes and right now she smells like a mix off dryer sheets and deodorant and something else that I cant place. Gwandle on the other hand smells like the cat litter, used cat litter.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I think I broke a record today. I didn't chew on my fingernails at all today unless I did it subconsciously, and I was watching video clips and a movie today to. And I used nail polish today in the way nail polish was intended to be used, not as a glue. Its so fun to scrape nail polish of fingernails.

I am babysitting all day tomorrow so I bought some crayons and a colouring book at walmart. It was so hard to find decent coloring books, and I didn't want to pay like, $6 for a 10-15 page book. So I was looking for thicker coloring books and they had Thomas the Tank Engine, A Collection of Disney Characters, Pirates of the Caribbean and Princesses. So I got Thomas and some washable crayons and markers. There is nothing like a kid getting marker on himself or the table and trying to wash it off before the parent finds out. Or even worse when they colour on the table or walls with crayons. I am kidnapping Bob as well and maybe some of the play dough if it can be spared by the little kids in this house. Hopefully I don't accidentally leave Bob behind when I leave. . .

Almost every day since we got the book from the library Timmy has had me read the "Umpty Dumty" book. I have all the voices figured out so that Mr Hatchery sounds like a bored math professor, Mrs. Boardering as a tiny, soft voiced thing, Mary (who had a little lamb) as a squeaky mouse, Jack be nimble as a bored math student, Old King Cole as a squeaky mouse with a stuffed up nose, Peter Piper as a Irish fire ball, the bridge workers as bored biology students frantic for the bell to ring, peter Peter Pumpkin Eater as a quite deep man, Mother Goose as a grumpy southern lady and Humpty Dumpty as a full of hot air egg. By the time this book goes back to the library I''ll have it memorized.

My history book's author says that there were lots of women among the Mormon group and that why they started polygamy, so that all these woman would be taken care of. I think she has her facts a bit messed up. From what I have heard and read polygamy was because the men wanted to become "gods" and in order to do that they had to marry more than one woman. And they needed all these woman to populate the kingdoms or whatever that the Mormon man would supposedly own in later life. Very confusing and messed up way to live in my opinion.

This same author talks about the self righteous bigots (A.K.A christians) who persecuted these devoted churchgoers. She says that the constitution declares religious freedom and how dare we christians try to persecute (evangelize?) these Mormons, I mean come on, their leader was just brutally murdered while he was in jail. I have learned a whole lot from these books, but I just think her opinion comes in to strongly on some points.

Well, as I said I have babysitting tomorrow so I think I'll got to bed now.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

queens of sheba

I was trying to do my school the other day when these two cats came along. I gave up trying to get rid of them and decided to play Mario instead. I got a game over on the third level so I got lunch instead. Came back and the cats are still there so I took their picture.

клавиатура желта

This is not going to be a long post. I feel like a washed up piece of driftwood. I have done more running and stretching these past two days than I have done since last summer. I feel nauseas as well so I'll just keep saying to myself that I am not sick and then I wont get sick.

Elijah's four wheeler is working again so I took John for a ride and that was fun. I love wind and driving fast is windy. I don't know why the neighbor kids aren't allowed to ride on the four wheeler with us. It was rumored last summer that they thought we were irresponsible drivers and reckless, but we have had only one accident and that was because I had never been on a four wheeler in my life and I wasn't sure what I was doing. I don't know how that would make us irresponsible and reckless. I think I will ask then tomorrow why they aren't allowed.

Hockey today was great, not doing much school work today was great, sleeping is great. I'm gonna put Puppy away and go to bed.

Sunday, February 3, 2008


I think Sunday is the best day of the week. Starting a new week in God's house worshiping Him and fellowshipping with other christians.

We got home tonight and I was in the kitchen trying to get a drink when Ben came in. The way he was standing was just so temping and I flattened him so fast, and I wouldn't let him up until he said nuff. He got up and said that he wasn't ready and that it wasn't fair, but I told him that I needed to get a drink. So I opened the fridge and got a milk bag out and he punched my arm, and said ow. That was funny, because Elijah knows not to punch me because even if I don't do anything somehow he gets hurt. So I care fully aimed and threw the milk bag at the counter and missed by 1/8 millimeter, then tackled Ben who considered himself "ready", I pinned him on the floor and he was saying I was going to break his arm so I let go. See how much trouble I have to grow through just to get a drink? I guess every now and then I have to prove to my younger brothers that I can still beat them up.

I threw a bunch of snow balls tonight and even with gloves my fingers were freezing cold. I don't really like the pain associated with half frozen fingers but that heat sensation afterwards when your fingers are thawing feels nice. I had to go through that with my feet before I got new skates.

For some reason it is hard for me to type when people stand next to me. Abby has snuck up four times already and hid behind the chair hoping I wouldn't notice so that she could read as I type.

I cant figure out how to get the blog log working. I have the widget on and the tracking script and everything but its not exactly working. This is annoying, really annoying. I think I'll get Nate to help me after work tomorrow.

I am almost out of nasal spray. I really shouldn't use it so much, especially since it doesn't really work but I do any way. I think I like the smell of it. Mrs. Underwood said that salt water spray would work but I cant figure out how to take my existing spray bottle apart to put salt water in it. There is a metal ring thingy on it that seems to be either clamped really tight or glued with a really strong glue. Either way its not coming of. Did you know that high doses of steroid medications such as fluticasone can cause a condition known as Cushing's syndrome? Maybe if I take the stuff more regularly than it will work.

This is all for tonight, I wanted to do some other things tonight and I don't have unlimited computer time.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

gli alberi di cristallo sembrano scuri

Puppy bit a chunk out of my finger yesterday, it hurts like crazy for a small bite. That dog really needs to calm down when it comes to playing. She and I had the greatest time playing soccer this morning, she is really good and when she has the ball (which is 99% of the time) she bites and then its hard to get it away from her. She would make a great soccer player if I could somehow teach her to stay on the field and which net she needed to go through.

Yesterday it was raining ice pellets and when I went up to Sarah's it felt like needles pricking my face, and it felt nice, a little painful but nice. I ate supper at Chelsea's and we had tacos which were really good. I haven't had tacos for so long, maybe I could persuade mother to have them for supper some night soon. And I had a root beer that had such a bite it made my eyes water.

The phone rang just now and the person wanted my dad, so I opened the door because dad was outside and I didn't see John's head so I smacked the door into his head. Surprisingly he is still tired, you'd think with a good knock on the head you'd wake up.

The Lizzie made a mess with my stuff and I thought of picking it up since it is my stuff, but she made the mess and I don't feel like picking it up. I cant wait until I get my own room and then on any given day I wont walk into my room and have carpet of toys, clothes and books. Anybody who has siblings knows how annoying that is, even if you don't share a room, little siblings seem to not respect boundaries and mess things up anyways. Those of you who have no younger brothers and sisters, thats too bad you don't know what your missing.

I got this book from the library and when I flipped through it it looked ok, kinda interesting. But when I started reading it, the book was punctuated with entire pages devoted to f*** yous. if it was my book I would have a marshmallow roast over it, but since it isn't then I'll just have to take it back to the library. I wonder if the library would mine if I put a track inside it, maybe I wont ask I'll just put it in there and nobody will know I had it out last, unless they check the computers.

Our neighbors have their house for sale, not Chelsea's family or Sarah's the other neighbors. The ones Elijah helped, I don't know how to spell their last name. It would be funny if somebody moved in with kids then we would have so many kids between the four family's. But who knows, it could be another older person(s) would buy the house.

Friday, February 1, 2008

blog change

Ok, starting tomorrow my blog will no longer be thewayiam---number3 it will be thewayiamnumber3

So tomorrow I will change the address of my blog.

Just to add something, you people who have links to my blog will have to change them.