Saturday, February 16, 2008

swirly strawberry laptops

So I am at Jill's apartment right now and its nice and quiet. We cleaned the church together and so now she is in the shower while I write.

Jeff gave me a ride on his skidoo and that was so fun! He was going like 90 with the skis in the air and even though it was fun, it was scary. I cant wait to do it again though.

I slept up at Sarah's last night and that was fun. John made me a cake for my birthday and Sarah and I ate it before we went to bed. It was really good, still warm and everything. I cant think of much to write so this will have to be it. Good bye peoples


Poetry Pru said...

Sleep well.

There once was a girl with a Puppy,
Her brother had many a guppy,
She stayed with her friend,
Wishing skidoo rides didn't end,
That girl and her wiggly Puppy.

zorg said...

haha, sounds like you are in a rhyming mood. sounds nice, i like it:)

Cathy said...

She's actually in a limerick mood. I wonder if there's any Irish in her?

Poetry Pru said...

Does anyone do sonnets? or Hiku? I forget how to spell it and the dictionary...wait the computer had it underlined so here is the change. Haiku

It was the comment about Poe and the ravens that started me off.

Joseph's alarm is the ringing of the bells, bells, bells when he sleeps somewhere else and does not shut the alarm off.