Saturday, February 2, 2008

gli alberi di cristallo sembrano scuri

Puppy bit a chunk out of my finger yesterday, it hurts like crazy for a small bite. That dog really needs to calm down when it comes to playing. She and I had the greatest time playing soccer this morning, she is really good and when she has the ball (which is 99% of the time) she bites and then its hard to get it away from her. She would make a great soccer player if I could somehow teach her to stay on the field and which net she needed to go through.

Yesterday it was raining ice pellets and when I went up to Sarah's it felt like needles pricking my face, and it felt nice, a little painful but nice. I ate supper at Chelsea's and we had tacos which were really good. I haven't had tacos for so long, maybe I could persuade mother to have them for supper some night soon. And I had a root beer that had such a bite it made my eyes water.

The phone rang just now and the person wanted my dad, so I opened the door because dad was outside and I didn't see John's head so I smacked the door into his head. Surprisingly he is still tired, you'd think with a good knock on the head you'd wake up.

The Lizzie made a mess with my stuff and I thought of picking it up since it is my stuff, but she made the mess and I don't feel like picking it up. I cant wait until I get my own room and then on any given day I wont walk into my room and have carpet of toys, clothes and books. Anybody who has siblings knows how annoying that is, even if you don't share a room, little siblings seem to not respect boundaries and mess things up anyways. Those of you who have no younger brothers and sisters, thats too bad you don't know what your missing.

I got this book from the library and when I flipped through it it looked ok, kinda interesting. But when I started reading it, the book was punctuated with entire pages devoted to f*** yous. if it was my book I would have a marshmallow roast over it, but since it isn't then I'll just have to take it back to the library. I wonder if the library would mine if I put a track inside it, maybe I wont ask I'll just put it in there and nobody will know I had it out last, unless they check the computers.

Our neighbors have their house for sale, not Chelsea's family or Sarah's the other neighbors. The ones Elijah helped, I don't know how to spell their last name. It would be funny if somebody moved in with kids then we would have so many kids between the four family's. But who knows, it could be another older person(s) would buy the house.


Joseph said...

You always seem to have something to write about. I guess thats part of having a big family. And are you finally getting why I like the cold. its feels so good and wakes me up. It makes feel like.... well playing hockey and snowball fights. running like a freak(so to speak).

zorg said...

yes, i am getting it.

the cold is nice as long as its not really cold,what i like is wind. really wild strong wind.

hobo said...

It's spelled "Comb",you bad speller.