Sunday, February 24, 2008

four hunderd thirty seven

This computer goes so slow sometimes. It almost makes me mad because it used to go so nice and fast but not now.

I still have to write a post about Christian rock bands, I just don't know what to write. Probably because my view of them has changed a little and I need to rethink things. I have been listening to different bands and one is called Flyleaf, the picture is them. They consider themselves to be somewhat a "Christian rock band", while not as positive, but hopeful and intense. You can read Lacey's testimony on wikipedia. I have listened to their song called "All Around Me" so many times. I don't know why, but I like that song. She is supposed to be singing about the Lord, but I am sure some people might apply it to a boyfriend as well.

I hope by this Friday maybe I'll get my G-1. Mom says she might help pay for it, and I only need $55 more, unless I could babysit a few more times this week. The Cotes needed somebody to watch the kids last Friday but I cant since they can never get me back in time for youth group.

My birthday is on Wednesday, I can hardly believe it. Time flies I guess, flew kinda fast though I think. I cant think of anything to write and my cat is being a pain.


Joseph said...

Sarah you have to be able to reach the pedals first. lol.

zorg said...

hahaha. thats so funny. i can.

nate got my laptop yesterday and its really cool.

Joseph said...

does that mean you can use it without 4 over lookers?

zorg said...

no it doesnt. its a magnet and it keeps getting unpluged.

Joseph said...

ok that song sound a bit weird and a bit more intense then the songs i listen to. I can't tell what she is saying so how am i supposed to know whether or not she is Christian but I would say not.