Monday, February 18, 2008

which is which

Here are two pictures of two popular rock bands. One is "christian" one is not, now you tell me which is which. I know that some people who read my blog should recognize them and some may not. After John has his computer time I will write some more. ttfn


Joseph said...

Either of them are Christian music, because there is no christian rock music.

zorg said...

thats why christian is in those quotation marks (whatever they are called)

Caleb said...

What makes music Christian in your opinions?

Rock 'n' roll or rock-and-roll is defined as (American Haritage Dictionary):
A form of popular music arising from and incorporating a variety of musical styles, especially rhythm and blues, country music, and gospel. Originating in the United States in the 1950s, it is characterized by electronically amplified instrumentation, a heavily accented beat, and relatively simple phrase structure.

I don't know why that would be non-Christian; it is a style of music(melody). I would contend that music is conected to ideas and Philosophies by its lerics not its melody. I do know about the secular origin of the words, but I would also say that Christianity can redeem alot of things and that if something is not against Scripture it can be redeemed to spread God's Word, even if it is as silly as a type of music.
So again, What makes music Christian?

zorg said...

i'm still thinking about that. when i get all my thoughts together i want to write a post about that.

Pru said...

Music is not neutral. It is not enough to say only the lyrics count. Rock music has appeal to the flesh and its origins are not of God. The Christians of the 50's knew to reject Rock and Roll, etc. Today's believers need to know what Christians of the past have stood for and keep the message of the gospel pure. Romans 12:1-2

The armed forces have training and wear a uniform that identifies whose side they are on. Whose side are we on when we look like and have the habits of those we are trying to evangelize? Many so called christian rock groups show they want to appeal to today's young people and have lost any identity with Christ.

Caleb said...

Ok I am not really asking why you are against "christian" rock but primarily, What makes music Christian?

I dont think that Music is completely neutral but I do think that lerics have more to do with the worldview then the lerics, also I think that judgement of lerics is more objective for the Christian, (does it match up with Scripture and reality) where the melody is more subjective (what feelings does it inspire for a person).

1. Are you apposed to using more intsterments in worship such as drums and guitar? (most of the kinds of insterments that we use today are also mentioned in the Bible so I dont think there is anything inherently non-Christian about them)

2. The message of the Gospel is that we are all sinners, that we deserve hell and that God sent His Son to die for Christians while we were still enimies of God. How is this message incompatable with a particular style of melody?

3. Paul said that he was all things to all people and even allowed for the use of meat that was sacrificed to idols so long as the person was not worshiping the idol himself and so long as he did not vilate the conscience of anyone near him. Can not we use things from the culture around us so long as we make them beneficial to the believer, refuse to give up our beliefs, and do not violate the consciences of other believers near us?

I want this to be a civilized discussion so let me qualify my thoughts with the following:

1 I do not think that beliefs or opinions about what music is used in worship should divide a church; if one view is prevelent in a particular church the people with the other view should not be dividing over it or cause discention but should promote the use of their type of music slowly and unoffensively.

2. I prefer a mix of music containing mostly old hymns, at least for a regular worship service, however at other times I see nothing wrong with listening to anything as long as the message is not anti-Christian (so I would listen to Christian music, instermental music, and "fun" music)

So again what makes Music Christian or non-Christian? and What is it about rock music that makes it non-Christian?

I ask these questions partially because I feel I cannot really respond adiquitly from my position with out knowing what yours is, and partially to make all of us think a little more about the topic.

Caleb said...

Wow, that was a lot of typing.


Cathy said...

I am eagerly awaiting Zorg's reply. And, no, I will not be assisting her in her search for an answer. :)

zorg said...

wow, last time i looked here there were only four comment and now there are eight. i am not sure yet what i will write, as i said i am trying to gather my thoughts together so thst i can write an inteligent post that makes sense and isnt rambling thoughts. right now i am being drowned in the tree house channel and that channel seems to deaden brain cells. but caleb, thanks for those ideas, they give me something to think about and are helping me to organize everything; hopefully you know what i mean. now i am going to go change the channel since eva is asleep

Caleb said...

I forgot to spell check that long post. Oh, well.

Caleb said...

OK, I found a spell checker that checks while I type for IE, no longer will I have to remember to RUN a spell checker before I post. If you want it too and you have IE 7: 1)press alt, 2)click the tools menu option then select "Find More Add-ons" under "Manage Add-ons", 3)in the search box on the web page type "spell check", 4)in the drop down menu next to it select "IE add-ons" 5)press the "go" button, 6)download and run the "IE7Pro" add-on, and 7)IE7 will now run spell check while you type. Yeah! (Or if you would rather be Open Source just use Firefox to begin with ;)

Joseph said...

ok........ then.... have fun with that!