Sunday, February 17, 2008

nuke the CD

For some reason there was freezing rain tonight so we didn't go to church. Liz was supposed to tell John how to say John 3:16, and then she started reciting "I am the good Shepherd. . ." and we all laughed. It was a little mean though because we made her cry, but it was a little funny.

I think I am going to go through my "poems" and put a few on here, but I don't guarantee anything. Most of them are really bleh, but there may be a scant few worth repeating. I threw a lot of my poems away because they didn't make sense and some of them would have been offensive, but anyways, my brain thinks up pretty weird things sometimes. I wish every once and awhile that I hadn't thrown them away, but out with the old and in with the new, like 2 Corinthians 5:17.

After snow camp is over than I cant wait for summer, as long as summer isn't muggy. I would really like to see something green, and rain. Not this freezing rain but a nice thunder storm like we had in Texas, if thats possible here.

Mcintire is a large cat and very annoying. She is sitting here cleaning herself but she is right in front of the monitor and I cant really see much. I have already moved her three times already. Ok, now she lay down and I can see again, but now she is on the mouse. I didn't know cats like computer mice, I thought they only liked the furry and warm blood filled ones. I didn't know McIntire like mice period, she is a bird cat.


Joseph said...

It is possible here to have good thunder storms. You want a large cat! Try Simba. she so big and tries sleeping in things smaller then her self.

Prudence said...

Keeping some poetry can help you see your own progress. It is the same with art work. It is fun to read old journals from our early school days.

zorg said...

Like Mcintire trying to sleep on a book half the size of her and trying to curl herself up so that no part of her is off the book.

There was a stray cat over here, its fur is gray and white and its really pretty, but most likely its a pregnant female. Michael said something about plugging the stray cats but I don't know how serious he was and that was a while ago. Anyways, I hope it leaves.

I thought of putting stuff from my old journal on here. And I have this big box downstairs full of old nonsense drawings and such.