Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I think I broke a record today. I didn't chew on my fingernails at all today unless I did it subconsciously, and I was watching video clips and a movie today to. And I used nail polish today in the way nail polish was intended to be used, not as a glue. Its so fun to scrape nail polish of fingernails.

I am babysitting all day tomorrow so I bought some crayons and a colouring book at walmart. It was so hard to find decent coloring books, and I didn't want to pay like, $6 for a 10-15 page book. So I was looking for thicker coloring books and they had Thomas the Tank Engine, A Collection of Disney Characters, Pirates of the Caribbean and Princesses. So I got Thomas and some washable crayons and markers. There is nothing like a kid getting marker on himself or the table and trying to wash it off before the parent finds out. Or even worse when they colour on the table or walls with crayons. I am kidnapping Bob as well and maybe some of the play dough if it can be spared by the little kids in this house. Hopefully I don't accidentally leave Bob behind when I leave. . .

Almost every day since we got the book from the library Timmy has had me read the "Umpty Dumty" book. I have all the voices figured out so that Mr Hatchery sounds like a bored math professor, Mrs. Boardering as a tiny, soft voiced thing, Mary (who had a little lamb) as a squeaky mouse, Jack be nimble as a bored math student, Old King Cole as a squeaky mouse with a stuffed up nose, Peter Piper as a Irish fire ball, the bridge workers as bored biology students frantic for the bell to ring, peter Peter Pumpkin Eater as a quite deep man, Mother Goose as a grumpy southern lady and Humpty Dumpty as a full of hot air egg. By the time this book goes back to the library I''ll have it memorized.

My history book's author says that there were lots of women among the Mormon group and that why they started polygamy, so that all these woman would be taken care of. I think she has her facts a bit messed up. From what I have heard and read polygamy was because the men wanted to become "gods" and in order to do that they had to marry more than one woman. And they needed all these woman to populate the kingdoms or whatever that the Mormon man would supposedly own in later life. Very confusing and messed up way to live in my opinion.

This same author talks about the self righteous bigots (A.K.A christians) who persecuted these devoted churchgoers. She says that the constitution declares religious freedom and how dare we christians try to persecute (evangelize?) these Mormons, I mean come on, their leader was just brutally murdered while he was in jail. I have learned a whole lot from these books, but I just think her opinion comes in to strongly on some points.

Well, as I said I have babysitting tomorrow so I think I'll got to bed now.


Joseph said...

I know what you mean with the Mormons My friend would say that we were Bible Bashing(Talking to them through the Bible). I told him that this is the Word of God and He saved me. I'm not going to give you a opinion I don't have any but the Word. He asked me why so many Churches pick on the Mormons. I told him that he is the first to talk to me. and LISTEN. he said he knew what the meant so that ended quite quick. He denies polygamy ever being right for their church. I tried to show him that it is one of the major factors of the Mormon teaching but he wouldn't believe me.

zorg said...

Did you watch the video about Mormonism on my moms blog? There seems to be two groups, one denies polygymy as being one of their beliefs the other doesn't. But if you go back to Joseph Smith, polygymy was there when Mormonism was started. I have heard that some men will marry right away after their first wife dies so that he can still become a god, that way they still will have been married to two (or more) woman, just not at the same time.

But anyways, if you haven't watched that video yet, its pretty interesting. Maybe tell Scott to watch it or something.