Friday, February 15, 2008

family history

I was looking through my dad's pictures from his family and I found some interesting ones. I'd like to put some on here but right now I cant use the scanner. But I found a picture of my dad's biological dad so now I have a face to match with a name. And my great Uncle Hank who served two tours in Vietnam and retired as Chief Warrant Officer. He also participated in the Operation Georgia in Da Nang. He got,

Navy Commendation Medal with combat V
Presidential Unit Citation
Navy Achievement Medal
RVN Service Ribbon
RVN Campaign Medal with five stars
National Defense Medal with one star
Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal with three stars.

I have a picture of him with three of his buddies in Camp McTureous in Okinawa Japan.

And then there are all the pictures of Aunt Pat who was killed, my dad says I look like her but I don't know. And there are old pictures of Great Great Great (more or less greats, I don't know how many) Grandpa Grinnell and Grandma Newton. This Grandma Newton looks like she just sucked a lemon, and my mom says that some of the old ladies could swear like a sailor. And there is a picture of a bunch of men standing in front of a beat up old car that says "beer injected" and other stuff. Most of these pictures are black and white to.

There is a picture of my dad as a young man wearing only shorts (rather short shorts) with shoulder length curly hair. Abby and Lizzie were shocked to say the least. And pictures of my dad as a baby, which is hard to imagine. Its hard imagine my dad as this cute little baby in an old looking stroller with with a bunch of shirtless boys standing around him. All those boys are my uncles, and some of the boy(s) are dead. The only saved people in my dads family are himself, Granny and possibly Grampa Donahue.


Joseph said...

This sort of thing helps me in who to pray for. and I get to know others more. it also griefs me to see so many people living for self. and dieing in there sins.

Prudence said...

History appeals to us when we find how our family was involved. My husband has an uncle whose name is engraved on a WWII memorial in the Philippines.
The first man of our ancestors came to the US as an indentured worker to New England in the 1600's. The land owner paid the boat fare and Joseph (yes, the first was another Joseph)had to pay for it by 7 years of labour.

Cathy said...

On my side, our ancestors came from Switzerland via Germany in the early 1700s. They settled western Pennsylvania with such prolific families that the county where I grew up was inhabited mostly by my relatives, distant and close.