Thursday, February 7, 2008


I really would like to write something but I have no clue what. I could really use some sort of challenge right now. I am getting relatively good grades in biology, and good grades in math, old history books are getting the "same old same old" read to them and I find myself spending more time playing computer games and watching videos than doing something useful. I want to volunteer at the St. John place but my parents are either not taking me seriously or they just don't want me to and they don't want to say so. Or maybe they forgot, they seem to do that a lot.
I am getting really tired of all the fighting between Chelsea and Sarah. If they cant share the time spent with me than I guess I'll just be with one girl one day and the other girl the next day. I'll always sit in the middle and never sit by one girl and not the other, if I sleep at one girls house one weekend, I sleep at the others the next and if I have one girl over than I'll have the other girl over right after. I'll never talk about "she and I" it will always be "we" I will always be perfectly fair and never favor one girl over the other. Yeah right.

Chelsea's mom was teasing me about Joseph again. I would think that since people have been doing that for ever it shouldn't bother me, (and it doesn't, really) but I am tired of it already. Seriously.

Cats are such peaceful furry animals. Its nice to have a furry lump sleeping on the desk as I write. I think MacIntire has some other house that she visits. She comes in smelling like wood smoke sometimes and right now she smells like a mix off dryer sheets and deodorant and something else that I cant place. Gwandle on the other hand smells like the cat litter, used cat litter.


Cathy said...

"Or maybe they forgot, they seem to do that a lot."

Yeah, we're getting old, all right. Oh, well.

Joseph said...

I've been teased a good bit to. But I found the only way to make it stop was to not even care what they were saying and just forget there. I've never really been bothered by it either its just that all the teasing adds up(They tease me about a lot more then just girls) and one person can only take some much before he does something stupid that gets me in trouble when they brought it about. I took a stand about it not to long ago. but I only get more people not understanding me and more people yelling at me. I wish I knew why. I mean it even happens with Jill and my Mom.

Prudence said...

Hee hee. Just preparing you for the real world!! Life isn't fair. It takes work to gain self control. A sense of humour (add to dictionary lol) is a special facet in the diamond of a believer's personality. . Some people get teased for their noses, their glasses , their colour (Add to dictionary lol) of hair...All of the above. Your uncles W and A got teased because they were the pastor's sons.
People tease because they like you and are happy to see a friendship that is normal.
PS. I beg to differ on the word "yell".