Sunday, February 3, 2008


I think Sunday is the best day of the week. Starting a new week in God's house worshiping Him and fellowshipping with other christians.

We got home tonight and I was in the kitchen trying to get a drink when Ben came in. The way he was standing was just so temping and I flattened him so fast, and I wouldn't let him up until he said nuff. He got up and said that he wasn't ready and that it wasn't fair, but I told him that I needed to get a drink. So I opened the fridge and got a milk bag out and he punched my arm, and said ow. That was funny, because Elijah knows not to punch me because even if I don't do anything somehow he gets hurt. So I care fully aimed and threw the milk bag at the counter and missed by 1/8 millimeter, then tackled Ben who considered himself "ready", I pinned him on the floor and he was saying I was going to break his arm so I let go. See how much trouble I have to grow through just to get a drink? I guess every now and then I have to prove to my younger brothers that I can still beat them up.

I threw a bunch of snow balls tonight and even with gloves my fingers were freezing cold. I don't really like the pain associated with half frozen fingers but that heat sensation afterwards when your fingers are thawing feels nice. I had to go through that with my feet before I got new skates.

For some reason it is hard for me to type when people stand next to me. Abby has snuck up four times already and hid behind the chair hoping I wouldn't notice so that she could read as I type.

I cant figure out how to get the blog log working. I have the widget on and the tracking script and everything but its not exactly working. This is annoying, really annoying. I think I'll get Nate to help me after work tomorrow.

I am almost out of nasal spray. I really shouldn't use it so much, especially since it doesn't really work but I do any way. I think I like the smell of it. Mrs. Underwood said that salt water spray would work but I cant figure out how to take my existing spray bottle apart to put salt water in it. There is a metal ring thingy on it that seems to be either clamped really tight or glued with a really strong glue. Either way its not coming of. Did you know that high doses of steroid medications such as fluticasone can cause a condition known as Cushing's syndrome? Maybe if I take the stuff more regularly than it will work.

This is all for tonight, I wanted to do some other things tonight and I don't have unlimited computer time.


Joseph said...

I sounds like you were asking for the punch not getting attacked when getting a drink. And the nasal spray is of no more use to me. I stopped using it about... well... maybe 8 months ago.

i said...

some people say that nasal spray is addictive, and that's why after a while it doesn't work so well--you need more of it, but shouldn't have any at all. i don't know, i never used it.

ladies don't beat up little brothers. :) i never had a little brother, only a bigger, older one. when i got married one beautiful fall day, he tampered with my luggage. i never got to pay him back.

now, sarah, if you don't start guessing soon, i might quit this game. you're making me give myself away.

josiah said...

hey, where does the propionate come in? I was looking forward to that part!

Cathy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
josiah said...

question for "I said": were you negatively affected by exposure shortly after birth to one of the first ten elements of the periodic table?

zorg said...

yeah, i guess i was asking for it; i don't challenge them very often because i always win and it hurts their masculine pride too much:)

since "i said" got married in the fall, now i am not sure who she is, from what i can tell, she lives in canada. do i have your blog as a link on my own blog?

i said...

josiah's suggestion suggests personal knowledge of the subject of his guess. sarah possesses the same knowledge, if only she could think. the very fall wedding that threw her off should have been a dead give-away.

i said...

hopefully josiah will not give me away...

Cathy said...

Okay, everybody, Sarah doesn't seem to know who this "I said" person is. Anybody have any ideas for her? She's stuck.

Cathy said...

She's asking me if "I said" is me. Is it? (How do I ask that grammatically....Am I me? Is it I? Is she me?)

i said...

things you know about me...

i enjoyed algebra one (still do, actually).

i have my own blog.

i am a mrs.

my blog is written for "us"--those of us who make up roughly half the total population.

i post on your blog using my real name "often enough" when i am able to get on the computer.

i have children--more than three.

i was married in the fall.

i have an older brother who tampered with my luggage after my wedding, before we went on our honeymoon.

now, about some other things:

yes, i do live in canada.

josiah's question, answered with a yes, reveals that he knows who i am.

i thought it would be obvious who i am when i said i was married in the fall. how many people do you know who fit all the other criteria, and were married in the fall?

i gave you a hint about computer cookies. what do cookies do, and why would that matter?

do you have a link to my blog? well, do you? who's blogs do you have links for, that you know for sure fit all of the above? maybe the one thing you didn't know about me is that i like algebra one. everything else, you already know about me.

zorg said...

ok, this is why i think you are my mother,

you do have a blog, you are married, if you did say how many kids you have then that would really give you away, you got married on thanksgiving, uncle clyde put rice in your suitcase. about the cookies, i blocked all the ones from your computer and so the person who was on at 7:19 was not recorded. no i did not know you liked algebra.

i said...

about the cookies...go down below the comment box and, in the space marked "nickname" type in the letter "i". see what choices you come up with.

...and i'm busted.