Wednesday, February 13, 2008

head on your shoulders

I tried to get this picture bigger, but I couldn't for some reason. Its one fire man doing chest compressions while the other fire man does the breathing, the problem is that the head is not connected to the rest of the body.
I did a whole lot of chest compressions on these dummies and their chests get a bit painful after 180 compressions. And thats not a number I made up, thats how many times I did it in one session, and for some reason I was sweating when I was done.
A Baby Blues comic, now why did they take that comic out of the newspaper? I liked it a lot better than some of the new comic stuff they put in there.
I love these things, they are so fun to use. I just hope I never have to use one on a real human. I was told that if the AED didn't include a razor to shave of chest hair, that I was to put an extra set of pads (they are really sticky) on and then rip them off to remove hair. I think that the person would suddenly have their heart start beating if that happened.
Baby Anne looks so cute and cuddly, but beware, beneath her pink striped pj's lies a chest that is hard and unyielding.
How to give CPR, I have got this memorized. Whats important about this picture is that it is revised. 15 compressions hardly do anything, you have to do 30 now. So 2 breaths and then 30 compressions.
This is to show were the sternum is, you don't want to break this little bone because you could kill the person. So be careful.


Joseph said...

That looks very helpful for someone to learn. I learned some of it in swimming lesson but. didn't remember to much of it.

zorg said...

Just remember if you ever have to reach into the far corners of your brain to remember what you have learned, to keep your head on your shoulders.

Thats what Phil told me when he showed me the first picture.