Tuesday, February 26, 2008


This laptop is really cool. Now I dont have to wait for somebody to get off the other computer so that I can get on, and then by the time I get on its time for bed. And its way nicer to sit on the couch and write than on the computer chair. The only thing is that there is no spellcheck, so if I am not careful then everybody will see how bad I am at spelling. I think I will be doing a lot of reading and re-reading to make sure everything is spelled right.

The cats are being their normal ridiculous selves since night is here. Running around and chasing each other all over the place. Mcintire has these weird lumps by her "shoulder", they fell like little hard bubbles. They don't hurt her or anything becasue when I was feeling them she didnt seem to be in any discomfort or anything. You know those monkeys that have long arms and legs thathave velcro on the ends? Puppy attacked one once and sorta dismembered it, so now Gwandle's favorit toy is the monkey's severed leg. She grabs it in her teeth and carries it around the house and sometimes she will fall over onto the floor and give the leg a few viciouse kicks than jump back up and run around some more.

Caleb showed me where to get a spellcheck for IE but I think it will only start working on a new post or something because I am pretty sure some of these words are miss spelled and its not catching it.

Nate bought Sim City 4 and that should be fun. I don't play very many computer games becasue I am not a "computer game" person. After spending a while playing something I feel really "pent" up and if I am not careful I may accidently harm the person sitting next to me. Like when I played NHL with Elijah and of course I lost the first game but I punched him a little to hard, hopefully he has forgotten that. The next game we played I really beat him so than I felt better. But it would help if sugary drinks were kept far away from game pads and keyboards, that way when I play Mario Kart with Chelsea and I am given the sticky game pad I wont look so weird getting in like ninth place.

The snow is really packy and making snowballs today was really easy. Elijah kept packing them really hard so it felt like an ice ball and that hurt. I probably have bruises, and he will too when I get finished with him tomorow. I just hope the snow doesnt get all dry and powdery tonight because that would ruin everything.

So I guess both of the brakes broke on the van today. Good thing they broke in our drivway and not on the highway, that might have been scary. So because of that we didnt go skating and we then planned to go sledding after lunch, only after lunch we learned that both were broken. So we didnt go anywhere except to play in out yard. Elijah pulled me on the GT and tryed to toss me off by doing really sharp and fast turns but it didnt work, he ended up falling more than I did. I was pulling John when Elijah got the bright idea to jump over the rope giving me the perfect oppertunity to trip him. Poor Elijah, I abuse him too much I think, he is the only Elijah brother I have so I should be careful.

I havent seen Sarah at all this week, I think she decides that Chelsea got over to me first so she can't play with us. So to avoid arguments and shouting and possibly to avoid being with Chelsea I guess she stays at her house. But thats only speculation, I dont know that for sure.

Its been pretty easy to write tonight, normally I have to tear my brain apart to find a little scrap of something interesting or not so interesting to write.


Joseph said...

you had fun it seems. I had to reinstall firefox but by mistake I uninstalled without remembering that I don't have an internet browser anymore. so I had to get it from my moms and download it and put it the network for me to take.

zorg said...

i like firefox better than ie. it works better for the biology cds.

those instructions Caleb wrote out on one of my posts came in handy.

Joseph said...

well I was dumb enought to foget that i dont have any other browser so its was kind of dumb of me to uninstall it without the install file still on my comp.

zorg said...

that is kinda funny. I downloaded firefox just now so i am happy.

i got this big thing of chocolate from mr mabee (it was heavy) and i threw it up on my bed and it hit the laptop and broke the x key. hopefully nate can fix it.

hobo said...

it is spelled because