Sunday, March 2, 2008

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I haven't written for awhile because I have been busy, busy doing school and dog and nothing. So since I haven't written in awhile this may be a long post.

Yesterday we were up in Ottawa fellowshipping and playing hockey, which reminds me that I need to get a new stick, one that is not too short for me. Hockey was fun but for some reason my upper shoulder and abdominal muscles were so sore, and my knee. My dear sweet brother (being egged on by Mr. Peachman) hooked me and that hurt, but thats part of skating. I got a football from my parents and I cant wait until summer and then Elijah (and whoever else) can throw it back and forward to each other, and teach him how to throw so that Jeff doesn't tell him he throws like a girl. And I got root beer (there are only three cans left by the way) of course I had gave some to Anna, Sarah and Chelsea Friday night because they were telling me I was being mean and two of them were on the verge of tears if I didn't. Man, people are so strange sometimes, next time when they turn on the tears I wont listen.

The fan on my laptop makes this weird noise sometimes, like its hitting something. It sounds like a high pitched version of someone hitting the ceiling fan with the broom handle while the fan is still running. Right now I am going through all my songs and deleting some; sorry Chelsea but some of those High School Musical ones you put on are a bit boring, and I am leaving the Bob the Builder theme song on.

Snow camp is so soon, I am excited and sorta nervous. I mean, David Bane is used of God so much and I don't know, I'm a little bit jittery or something. It took me like five minutes to write just that sentence so you guys better understand what I mean. I know we will have fun sledding and skating and everything but I hope this year we will spend more time in prayer an stuff, I would like to be "pushed over the top" so that I would be completely sold out for God and serve Him only. And maybe this year the Lord will save my younger brothers and my friends, I have been praying for them for so long and I will keep praying until they are saved.

1 Timothy 4:12
Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.

Thats my memory verse for this week. Mrs Underwood and I were talking about words this morning and we both came to the conclusion that we need to do more praising to her children and my siblings, especially Abby. I know Abby reads my blog, so Abby I am sorry for tearing you down a lot, you mean more to me than I let on, and really treat you like a pain a good percent of the time and thats wrong. And just to tell you, when you do get your room clean, it is really clean and I really like it, so please keep the Miss Perfect signs off my bed, ok.

My dog exploded in her cage so I had a extremely smelly mess to clean up. I can normally handle strong odors since I have experience cleaning up rabbit, guinea pig and hamster cages and cleaning chicken coops (barefoot to, by the way) and cleaning maggot filled compost bins out and kitty liter pans and diapers and sweaty rooms that smell like moist dirty socks, dog and mold and Nate's room. But that dog poop smell mixed with dog smell mixed with the chopped up stillborn calf that the dogs eat made my stomach want to empty right there. Nd my dog is shedding like crazy! Anybody who pets her, be warned because you will get covered in hair and my dog isn't the cleanest dog in the world. I need to get her a brush so that she doesn't look so ragged and so the shedding doesn't take so long.

I am going to bed now, I am going to try to go to bed earlier then normal for awhile so that maybe I will start to be able to sleep at night and be awake more in the day.


Joseph said...

ok that was enough writing and I think that I will have to read it over again to know what to say.......... your really enjoying that root beer it seems. Snow is going to be interesting and I think I have the same thoughts as last Summer camp. I had it in my mind that God would use the messages and the baptizes to work in them, I also got to talk to Elijah that very night on Salvation. I am going to have more prayer for that very thing. I do not like the thought of your Dog in doors. and you know why, I'm not a dog person but sometimes I have fun. as long as she stays down I'm happy. oh and stops making me smell rancid.

Cathy said...

Cats are okay as long as they don't try to take over my life. I tolerate dogs, but I do NOT like big dogs in the house AT ALL. Little dogs are okay if they are not hyper and they don't yip-yip-yip all the time. Clean dogs are nicer than dirty ones, especially if they jump up on me.

Prudence said...

Our nice little mix-lab-spaniel dog rolled in horse manure once and came home reeking. My dad had some carefully chosen choice words to say but....surprisingly enough he did the scrubbing to remove the offensive matter.
She was bigger than a spaniel but smaller than the lab side. She was a great family dog. She traveled in the car well except the time she could not wait for a pit stop. I got the wet lap. Ahhh, the stories we can share!! lol