Friday, March 28, 2008

dont click here

I mean here, don't click here.

Well, here is your one more blog post so you don't have to look at ping pong eyes any more.

I was putting my dog away tonight and she only has the chain to use as a leash. I absently wrapped this chain around my bear hand and then my dog suddenly decided to run causing the chain to tighten quite rapidly and then be pulled of my hand ripping my finger open in the process. I all ready know that was stupid so don't tell me it was, someday I will learn as I have done this before.

Then I went and got some granola in a cup and pulled the first spoon out of the drawer, walked over to my chair in the living room, got my laptop all turned on and everything and then picked up my cereal and spoon, and then I realized it was a baby spoon.

You know the best way to cut dog's nails? Give them a human cookie and then sit on them and work very fast, I know from experience that if you don't work fast then the dog is liable to dump you on the ground and then lick your face. Puppy is really good at that and the problem is that she has never brushed her teeth in her life unless you count trying to eat the toothpaste tube when she was younger and still lived in the house. And also her nails are really gross, which would explain why I was really annoyed when I found out this the next morning.

Yesterday morning I came out tho get breakfast and I picked up the milk pitcher and noticed that it looked like the milk bag had been bitten open again. So I set the milk down and said (looking at Elijah) "who cut the milk bag?" And of course a very sheepish looking Elijah admitted that he did, so I asked him how he had opened it and he held up the dog's nail clippers. "But I washed them. . ."

Timothy and Samuel came home today! Of course I claimed the baby since I hadn't held him for a while and I love holding babies. I had him on my lap and it was so fun to watch him make funny faces and stretch. Timmy came over then and was pointing (I mean poking) out all of Samuel's body parts. "dere hi leg Rarah, dere hi eye, where hi toe Rarah? Hehehehe I poke Yamuel hehehehehe" I told him to stop poking Samuel because he was going to hurt him so Timmy really poked Samuel (in the stomach this time, not his eye) and then looked at me like "what are going to do now?" So I got mother involved and that solved the problem.

On the way home from youth group Chelsea, Kaitlyn, Abby, Elizabeth and I (my dad joined in a bit to) sang Bob the Builder. I can just see you guys shaking your head and wondering where this world is coming to, well not quite, but since when does my dad sing Bob the Builder? But we had fun even though nobody could remember how the words went and we all messed up. I find that when you act crazy and childish every once in a while then a lot of tension and frustration kinda melts a way, temporarily though. It all comes back as soon as you stop singing but for those few moments it was good to be silly. I think I may get the same results, but permanent this time if I spend some time with the Lord in prayer. I always remember what Marcel Longchamps said in his message one time, the "I just want to be with you papa" part has stuck with me ever since then. I think I may have pretty much forgotten the rest of his message but I remember that part and that I don't always need to be bringing all the "I wants" but just sit and be with Him. You know, be quiet and listen.

I think that will be all for tonight, for some odd reason I am tired and I have some stuff I want to do on the internet before I fall asleep.


Cathy said...

I kind of think this whole family is a little nutso. Dad started singing Bob the Builder while fellowshipping with John and Timmy. That I understand, but when he used "working together we get the job done" as a sermon illustration, I got a little worried.

Please lock up the dog nail clippers.

"Bob the builder" said...

This is how it goes,

Bob the builder"can he fix it?"
Bob the builder"yes he can!
I better not go into it,because I don't want to take to long on the computer.

Joseph said...

you better not..... scooping is for the cat litter. speaking of which chris forgot to take it out again. oh wait he got it nvm.

zorg said...

nvm? please explain