Friday, March 14, 2008


I hope this post makes sense because I am really brain dead, I mean majorly (how ever you spell that word) dead. My headache has increased from Grand Canyon size to the size of Mars, but I really don't like complaining so I'll stop.

Snow camp was really good. I think I have used the word really too much in this post. The messages were good, and the Lord has convicted me of a few things this week and the singing was good even though my voice was being difficult and the fellowship with everybody was good. I think my vocabulary is rather limited right now because I can only think of good to describe everything.

Most likely I will feel better tomorrow and then I will write more and put some pictures up. Now I am going to bed so goodnight.


Joseph said...

I think you should wake up and put them on it happens to be 4 o'clock and nothing happened yet. lol I'm just teasing.

zorg said...

oh, i slept in so late. its 8:43 and i still haven't written anything yet.

this has just been a busy day, i am working on pictures right now.