Monday, March 17, 2008


Today has been busy, I cleaned my room again. Actually I think I am always cleaning my room and it is never clean, always a work in progress. In this latest cleaning I did accomplish a few things, my desk has been cleaned off so that now my laptop has a place to be instead of precariously set on some books or the fish tank. I found that missing cup of milk from lunch, I found some long lost school books and my calculator and my knife. I was going through my desk drawer and I found the DVD's and CD from Aunt Gaye-Lynn's home going and the interview she had before she died. I think I will watch them because I cant exactly remember what she looks like, I get a hazy fuzz when I try to remember her face and I just want to watch them again. I swept and vacuumed the floor as well and wow, the pile of dirt I got was amazing. My sisters tell me that they swept but I am not sure how thoroughly they did that. After I cleaned a bunch I slept for a few hours because I have this cold and my nose is plugged up and I am really tired and worn out. And than we all went to Pizza Hut for supper and I had about five pieces of pizza plus salad and bread and dessert, I was so full I couldn't finish my root beer. While we were there a older lady came up to us and said how her mother had ten kids and that her mother is 90 something and "alive and kicking" and that we were so lucky to have such a big family. She kept saying how lucky we are and I was wishing my dad would say something like he normally does about how that it is the Lord not luck but he didn't. And then there was this guy who apparently had two boys who kept staring at use with wide eyes and that always makes Elijah and I laugh. We were tempted to wave at him but we didn't. Then we went to Value Village and I got some shirts and sweaters and the kids got toys. Toys, thats all we need more of, toys toys toys. I helped Abby find two skirts and that was fun, there are the most stupid skirts out there that cover almost nothing and they are tight and made just to attract the wrong kind of guy. Seriously, girls dress like, I don't like to use this word, but like a slut. Elijah told me once that he has a lot of respect for girls who dress modestly and that he feels embarrassed when girls don't dress modestly and he, for some reason, has to be around them or see them.

I love reading poetry, especially Walt Whitman and Edger Allen Poe. Those two poets are completely different but somehow remotely similar. The next time I go to the library I am going to get some poetry books by poets that I have never heard of before and that are really hard to read. Then I am going to read them out loud and hopefully that will help expand my vocabulary while at the same time help me to get over not being able to say certain words. I don't know why, but there are a few words that I just can't say. I try to say them but it comes out all wrong and really funny sounding and its rather annoying. Right now I am going through the big book we have called Favorite Poems: Old and New which is just a collection of different poems put together into categories. And Josiah bought me a book about spelling a few days ago, which was kinda funny but the book is interesting. I guess now I can't ask Josiah or my mom to help me spell because they will expect me to figure it out, I'll just have to rely on Caleb. There have been a few time when I have been IM with Caleb when I was writing a post or email and I have asked him how to spell a word or two. But now that he has read this he may not help me anymore.

I was supposed to cut my mom's hair today but I guess we forgot. Or else it got late and there wasn't any time to, and it is late. We have skating tomorrow if the majority of use can pass health examinations so I will be going to bed now. Sorry about not posting for awhile, and not very much. I just haven't felt like it for awhile, but now I hope I will get back at it.


Joseph said...

YOU DIDN'T FINISH YOUR ROOT BEER!!!????? I'm disappointed in you. Shame shame. And don't worry about how much you write, we all get the same things. but it is nice to get to read something new each day. Hope to see you all at skating.

zorg said...

yeah i know, i didnt finish it. we are going skating but i dont know how much skating i will be doing since my nose is all stuffed and this cough got a little worse.

Prudence said...

I think your blog is fixed. The music makes me think of the music stores play to get people to shop. Yours makes me feel like smiling and writing back.
Pizza Hut is awesome!!...except their music. Wendy's music is better but no buffet counter. Boohoo. I imagine with your family you all can be talking and chewing and no one will hear the music. That is great to have people enjoy your family size.

zorg said...

none of us really heard the music, except for dad. i don't listen to the music because the speakers are always turned down so i don't remember what it sounds like. but its good that it makes you write back, i like comments.

Cathy said...

Poor Dad! He hears the music because he lived with it all his life before Christ. It is so hard for him because all he needs to hear is a little bit of the beat or the music, and all the lyrics come rushing into his brain. I praise God that one day all that will be totally, completely erased and he will never remember it again.