Sunday, August 24, 2008


i have to quickly think of something to write before my dad wakes up and kicks me off the computer.

apparently my mom bumped somebody when we we shopping friday and broke some plastic screws on the persons bumper. so today after church she had to go to the police station. there was hardly any damage done so nothing happened, no fines or anything.

i also went to the clinic friday to find out whats wrong with me. the doctor i saw says that i most likely have hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) so i have to get a blood test tomorrow morning. that means i cant eat anything after church tonight so i am going to have one crazy night. normally when i haven't eaten (which makes the sugar go down low) i have the creepiest dreams and i'll wake up being very confused and sweaty and not knowing where i am. and if it turns out to be hypoglycemia, then i will have to get blood tests done every once in a while to make sure it doesn't turn into diabetes.

gwandle had two kittens yesterday morning. i spent about an hour looking in the white shed for them and i couldn't find them. so i figured thy would be anywhere, and started looking in random places and they were under the tarp the covers the lawn mowers. so i moved them into the barn but gwandle didn't like that and moved them back to the lawnmowers, only one kitten got lost in the moving and we only have one kitten now.

i wanted to rest a bit before church tonight so this is it. i don't feel like typing any more anyways, so everything else will have to wait.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


the only place we have internet now is at my dads computer, so posts will be few and far between.

our conference for revival last week was really good. i was convicted of things and i am praying that i will really forsake them and it wasn't all emotion. this coming week we will be going to maranatha, and i am looking forward to more preaching and fellowship with friends there. i would write more about our conference but i cant get all my thoughts from my mind into words.

complete change of subject, but hare are the few things that are new around here. the cats have stooped low enough to eat dog food since we haven't been buying cat food. and the black kitten got some of ben's mice. i got another rabbit who is very pampered. but he is good with the lady rabbits so i have decided to keep him even though he can get quite crabby and annoying. my mom ran over my dog's new leash with the lawnmower and of course broke it. there was a neighboring dog visiting puppy yesterday, but he was fixed. just puppy was up till' 5 in the morning barking and howling. we went to chris's ball hockey game last night and then biked home in the dark. i was the only one wearing light clothes so it was a little bit nerve racking when i couldn't see the road (it has been freshly paved) and i couldn't see the boys who were a few feet in front of me. but we got home fine.

i have other things to do, so this is all.