Sunday, August 24, 2008


i have to quickly think of something to write before my dad wakes up and kicks me off the computer.

apparently my mom bumped somebody when we we shopping friday and broke some plastic screws on the persons bumper. so today after church she had to go to the police station. there was hardly any damage done so nothing happened, no fines or anything.

i also went to the clinic friday to find out whats wrong with me. the doctor i saw says that i most likely have hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) so i have to get a blood test tomorrow morning. that means i cant eat anything after church tonight so i am going to have one crazy night. normally when i haven't eaten (which makes the sugar go down low) i have the creepiest dreams and i'll wake up being very confused and sweaty and not knowing where i am. and if it turns out to be hypoglycemia, then i will have to get blood tests done every once in a while to make sure it doesn't turn into diabetes.

gwandle had two kittens yesterday morning. i spent about an hour looking in the white shed for them and i couldn't find them. so i figured thy would be anywhere, and started looking in random places and they were under the tarp the covers the lawn mowers. so i moved them into the barn but gwandle didn't like that and moved them back to the lawnmowers, only one kitten got lost in the moving and we only have one kitten now.

i wanted to rest a bit before church tonight so this is it. i don't feel like typing any more anyways, so everything else will have to wait.


Joe said...

I've been praying about that... I hope it isn't anything serious. I've had some weird dreams lately my self. as u may of heard jill and kaylyn have. hehe. mine are less random.. more creepy then theres. one was getting hit in the chest by a falling rock and dieing of bleeding lungs... im not going go into detail other then that. or explain any others.

Joe said...

last night i dreamed, i was going to need surgery for my breath problems. that was weird

zorg said...

that is gross. i just dream i am being stabbed or tortured or something. its pretty weird.

Joe said...

I think I would prefer no dreams at all if these are the kind I get. Waking up with a pain on my chest, while dreaming of someone doing surgery with me still awake, watching. isn't the kind of thing i like to remember. nor would torturing be. Aspecially if it was someone else I'm watching get tortured that i know... Anyway Pray that they don't come, or Pray that God would use it in some way to teach.

Christy said...

Hello Sarah, just wondering how your test turned out. Whoops about the bumper, that's happened to me a few times ; )

zorg said...

the doctor hasn't called yet so i don't know. today is a holiday, so i should hear something maybe tomorrow.