Monday, March 24, 2008


This has been a very lazy day. I really need to get my school done but since I couldn't find my history book (everybody likes to read it but nobody likes to put it back) I suddenly didn't feel like doing anything so I studied my Drivers Handbook for a while.

Last night when I was putting Puppy away, I heard this noise in the back yard that sounded like a heavy animal. The snow is really hard and icy so it takes something heavy to break through it, so I am guessing it was heavy. Anyways, Puppy got really mad. Her hair was all raised up on her back and she was growling and barking and would've gone over to whatever it was but she was on a leash so she couldn't. But that really made me nervous, Puppy and I often hear things walking around back there in the dark but she has normally only barked a friendly bark, but this time it was more like I wanna kill you bark. So I put her away pretty fast and then went in, next time I will take a flashlight and see what ever it is if it comes back. After I get done here I am going to look at the footprints.

Celine came today to do a check up on Samuel, and to poke his heel to get blood. If you go here, then you can see a picture of a baby getting poked, he wont be asleep for long; those circles all have to be filled with blood. I hate it when she does that, they have this little piece of metal with a really sharp point that they poke into the baby's heel and then they squeeze the blood out to put on these circles to test for diseases. I guess Samuel is doing pretty well except that his temperature is low so he is wrapped up in sleepers and blankets and hat and heating pad.

Nothing new, but my room was a mess. Something new, I didn't clean it up, my sisters did.

And about that KJ-52 guy, I should say as far as I know he is Christian, I haven't found anything to prove otherwise. And Joseph, considering that you don't like rap or fake Christian music then perhaps I shouldn't have brought that up.


josiah said...

"And you may say there's no such thing as Sasquatch, but as for me and Puppy, we believe!"

zorg said...

lol wow thats really funny!!!!

Joseph said...

nice one josiah. I like it. but its ok Sarah, its true I don' like rap or todays so called christian music, but I dont mind talking because anything can be used as a conversation starter.

Pru said...


Well, there was this cookie I saw on the floor in a corner and I thought it was cat throw-up. That doesn't say much for my oatmeal cookies.

zorg said...

that reminds me of the moldy apple that I found among my books that, at first glance I thought was a dead mouse.

josiah said...

my mom really needs to find a better way/place to store her pumpkins, because one by one they become festooned with mold and start sagging. see, a conversation!

Cathy said...

What I need before next harvest is some type of root cellar. And if the pumpkins bother you, why don't you volunteer to dispose of them? Are there any good ones left?

Let's see...what disgusting thing can I come up with? Oh, I know. Once the boy next door to my mother came over. He needed mold samples for his science class. Said he knew the best place to find some. Sure enough, there was a nice assortment of colours, shapes and sizes.... my mother's refrigerator! No telling what the food used to be.