Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I am getting two rabbits tomorrow, big meat rabbits that I am going to use for breeding and then we will eat their offspring.
This is the male,

and this is the female. This female rabbit is a lot like Lilly, which I wrote about in a previous post. I am kinda excited, as I miss having bunnies around and as these rabbits are big.

I broke my dresser trying to get on my bed today. I really should get Josiah to build a ladder for me, but he is not feeling well right now.

Ben's mouse had four babies that are about the size of jelly beans. They are really cute and really small. The cat is really interested in them. Too many reallys sound funny.

From what I've heard Baby Jo is no longer Baby Jo, he is Jonathan or better yet Jonathan Earl Smith. Hopefully my mom wasn't going to write about that, its hard having three blog writers here and trying not to write about something that somebody else was going to write about.

My parents and the little boys went to the Watertown Zoo today. John, from what I have heard, wasn't too thrilled with the mountain lions, and I don't blame him. I've read too many horror stories about them in the Readers Digests when I visit my grandparents. I would carefully read everything but the mountain lion story and then think to myself, "I am in a house, the windows are closed, nothing can get in here" Then I would go ahead and read the story, scare myself half to death and then turn the light off. Then I would lie awake for several hours jumping at every noise until I finally fell asleep.

I forgot to close my window so my cat may have come in on my bed and could be filling it with fleas so I will go and make sure that is not happening.

This website is strange.


Cathy said...

No, I wasn't going to write about that. And you should have said that that website was definitely strange.

Joe said...

lol talk about useless site.. Mountain lions are cool. I woke up all last night with stupid dreams that made me wake say about 10 times throughout the night. its the first time in months that it has ever happened. Good thing it didn't bother my work today.

zorg said...

what did you dream about? tim just woke up crying because my dad was sick in his dream. i had to take him to see my dad to reassure you.

Chelsea just gave me extremely sour gum.

Joe said...

well not to long ago one of my friends online has been having many problems online with peoples insults and normal everyday life as well. it all adding up kinda made them say at the end of our conversation that they were going to drown them self... right after they said that they logged off so i couldn't say anything to help... then they weren't on for 2 days when they normally would be on.. it got my worried and last night was some rather bothersome dreams about what happened to them. and it was bothering me all day. but now I'm happy because they came on again today and are ok, they were just taking a break from all the stress. that person is also someone ive witnessed to. so hopefully i can get more chances to talk to them

Joe said...

somehow i knew i wouldn't get any replies to that.

zorg said...

sorry, i forgot to check back if you had written something. its good their back; i hope i never dream about whats going on between sarah and chelsea, during the day is enough i don't need it at night.