Tuesday, May 13, 2008

lions and tigers and bears

Mom said I should put this on my blog. This is my dog, my best friend.

Cause of course, dogs are man's best friend.

She is now to big to lift and she doesn't like it anyways.

Why do I seem to get all the car sick animals? Puppy throws up and other things when I take her to the vet, and that is really annoying. Today I went to the vet with Gwandle to get her weighed (she's either two pounds or two kilograms, I'm not sure. Two pounds makes sense) and to get Advantage for those pesky fleas. I put her in the car and she went wild doing body slams on the window and windshield trying to get out. So I figured it would be good to put her in the cat carrier and it was. So on the way home we started smelling an overpowering cat smell, and sure enough she had relieved her self and was now sopping it all up with her big bushy tail.

John loves trains. Whenever we go to church or into Cornwall he will ask to go over the train tracks, hoping that a train will come by. Today we were coming home and he had fallen asleep by the time we had gotten to the tracks, and this time there was a train coming, so I leaned over and said "John theres a train" and instantly he was awake all excited at the weally fast train.

I found out tonight that I don't like crab meat and those mussels or whatever you call them taste interesting. I just don't get why they cant clean out the mussel thingys? Why do they leave all the insides for you to either eat or clean out? And "Chinese" french fries taste just like McDonald's french fries.

Jill and I were walking to the mall yesterday when several police cars went by, making us curious as to what was going on. Later we found out that a 17 year old stabbed and killed a 16 year old at the college. Thats the second murder for this year in Cornwall, lats see how many more we can get. That was sarcasm; but seriously, I hope this guy gets more than a "slap on the wrist" for murdering somebody. I am kinda tired of all the teens killing people and getting away with it, for now at least, but still getting away with it. Somebody mentioned knife control in relation to this, but I don't think that will work. Everywhere guns are allowed and there is know gun control (like in Texas and some parts in Georgia) the crime rate is practically zero, but places where there is gun control the crime rate is pretty high.


Joe said...

my friends that i talk to say that Canada doesn't help in wars. i said at least we don't have a high murder rate.. and being the major peace keeping country is something i would like to keep

Christy said...

I actually would like to more restrictions on gun use in the US. The crime rate in our area is out of this world. Every day someone has shot someone. When I lived in the city it was no big deal to hear about a drive by shooting. And I lived in a VERY NICE area. Our 250 thousand dollar house was two streets over from Cracktown, a government housing area that is rampant with drugs and violence.

I don't feel like banning guns is the answer, but I don't think that Joe Smo who's shot five people should be allowed to go into the nearest pawn shop and buy a gun. And in the US- that happens every day.

zorg said...

This is just my opinion, but I think the responsible gun owners out number the irresponsible ones. So if the responsible people were allowed to own guns to protect themselves then those Joe Smo people would perhaps think twice about trying to shoot an armed person.

All the murderers are armed with illegal guns or pawn shop finds while the victims aren't allowed to have guns so they get killed.

I'm not for any violence like that, I just think there would be less if there wasn't gun control. I have talked to my dad about this and he pretty much agrees with me.

Joe said...

Dude Joe Smo is the name given to me by my cousin.... i don't want that kind of name..... if thats what is used for that kind of things....

zorg said...

i was thinking you wouldn't like that. we could use john doe instead.

Christy said...

Touche' Sarah. You have very good points.

We just have different perspectives. That comes from living in different areas. I'm sure that if I lived in Canada I would feel as you do. I certainly feel that our country has quite enough control over us- and I do not want any type of socialist government. We are quickly headed that way. I'm sure you have heard about the economic stimulus payments. Resembles pre Cold War Germany and the Soviet Union quite a bit. It's a scary thing to see where our nation is headed, especially with the democratic turn we are taking. It's so good to know that God is in control of all things.

So as far as gun control- you and I are on the same page.

Long live the second amendment. :D

Cathy said...

If the North American Union goes through (which it looks like it will) I think we'll all be in the same boat--that "no guns for anybody but the murderers" boat.