Wednesday, May 28, 2008

go dog go

albino turtle

bull frogs



what looks like a bad hair cut

the pig again


ronald mcdonald


Cathy said...

You will definitely be missed when you are gone. Most people are. But why?

Joe said...

aye... most of my life is built around my friends.... I hate losing them. and i always try my best for them. along with some teasing too. lol

zorg said...

what do you mean by why, mom?

Some teasing joe? some?


Cathy said...

Why will you be missed? What will people remember about you?

Cathy said...

Oh, and we need a separate post, please, for that answer. :)

zorg said...

i dont know, you tell me.

Cathy said...

Okay, maybe a better question would be, what do you want to be remembered for?