Tuesday, May 27, 2008

oh my

i figured it was about time i wrote something. i haven't been bored enough to sit down here and take the time to log on and write, and i couldn't think of anything to write. besides its not a job i've taken on; why do i get the feeling that i'm rambling.

so i am now the owner of this:
if you click on the picture it gets bigger. my pig is not this big because he is a potbellied but he still equals bacon and spareribs. we named him hammy or hamish (and occasionally porky), whichever you prefer; no relation at all to the cartoon character that used to be in the newspaper. here is a real picture of him:

i woke up sunday to snickers barking and three people telling me that the pig was loose. three people. you would think that they could know that somebody already told me, especially since they came right after each other. it was as if all three of them stood outside my door taking turns telling me, and my mother was almost a fourth but by then i had come out of my room. the stupid thing (sorry, i know stupid is a not nice word) refused to go back into its cage but continued to foam at the mouth and grind its teeth while "doing things" with the neighbors pig. so elijah picked up a drain thingy for the roof and i got a 2x2 and we whacked that thing into its pen. all during the service i kept thinking that he had gotten loose again and was in the garden but thankfully he was sleeping when we got home. after having a lovely bean burrito dinner i spent the rest of the afternoon fixing his pen. and he hasn't gotten loose since.

my apologies to anybody who thinks that a potbellied pig is a pet not a lump of meat waiting to be BBQ and eaten. i understand that for some reason you let them in the house and i know that pigs are intelligent but every time i look at that pig i think spareribs and bacon and ham. i just hope theres no creepy spider around to hear about my intentions for this pig. . .

i got my finger stubbed catching a football and i can tell you that i wont be cracking that knuckle for awhile.

we passed this on the highway this afternoon:

well, actually we didn't pass it, we went over it on the overpass. hopefully whoever was driving the semi is ok.

the snowball bushes are blooming and they look pretty. and the lilacs smell so nice. i hope the cherry trees bloom soon.

i have a bunch of pictures to put on here from our visit to the zoo and a few others.

oh, my laptop is finally fixed, thanks nate.


Joe said...

Finally.... and to my mind of what I've heard pigs aren't smart in anyway....

zorg said...

i dont think pigs are smart. animals have a small level of intelligence but not much.

Cathy said...

Pigs are brighter than most people think. They're smart enough to separate their living area into three distinct areas: bedroom, bathroom, kitchen.

REAL pigs are nicer looking, too. But all that really matters is that they all taste pretty good.