Wednesday, December 17, 2008

yobba dobba doo

this blog is dying because for various reasons i cant come up with anything intelligent to write. so im just going to ramble about new things in my life and then decide ive said enough and quit.

my sweet little (big) dog died the other day. for some reason she urgently needed to go outside so she wrecked her crate, squeezed out the cat door and proceeded to make an attempt to cross the road but didn't make it. i miss her soo much and now i am feeling very dogless so enough of this subject.

most likely i will be gone the month of june, again for various reasons. i have decided to visit my grandparents, and my very understanding parents have allowed me to do so as long as i finish my school work. im going to be away from home for a whole month and thats the longest ive been gone before, but i'll be going to maranatha most likely, so thats cool.

my dad and i have a much better relationship now, its actually so much better that i cant think of the right words to describe it. i mean we still have differences and all that, but its better. God is good.

i am trying to spend the least amount of time with two certain friends of mine and its easier to do than i thought it would be. i am pretty sure now that they have been a big influence on me in all the wrong ways; for a while i was pretending that it wasn't like that and that i was influencing then more, but i don't think so. im not giving up on them, just praying for them more and spending less time with them.

its close to 6:30 now and we will be leaving soon for prayer meeting, so this is all for now.


Cathy said...

Yes, God IS good. I can't praise Him enough for what He's doing in our family.

word verification said...

heralin, there a lin, everywhere a lin lin

zorg said...

um word verification person, that makes no sense, but ok

Adela said...

aw, that's so sad! i hope you feel better! =)