Thursday, June 11, 2009

run away, wait what are we running from?

so i am updating this blog.. i should change the name because the way i am part came from two really odd songs that i would rather forget, so i get reminded every time i see the blog that thats what i used to listen to but then i also get reminded of what God can do in a messed up life. sounds confusing i think, maybe.

yea so i am at home now. things were going slow at my grandparents and i missed my family and my pj and my parents said they needed me home, so nice to be needed. so they came and got me like a week or so ago and now i am here where i belong. it was fun there in a way, i mean i needed the quiet time to think and a few persons know what i was really thinking about the last week so it was good. this sounds silly because its like a no duh thing, but i discovered that one can not keep back part of themselves for them, they have to give it all to the Lord, every single little bit. then i also got to renew friendships with old friends and made new ones, which was good and bad. the youthgroup there is awesome and very friendly, i felt as much at home there as was possible for me too feel at home in a place that wasnt home. lol have fun figuring that sentence out.

i was reading job today and its a very interesting book. yea random thought there..

i have hit a wall and cant think of anything more to write sadly. this seems to happen a lot hence hardly any new blog posts. tomo is tired and keeps looking at me like time for bed already. i am tired, and i think i played harder than i worked today. though i did weed potatoes today and did laundry and changed sam's diaper and thats all of what would be called work. but it wasnt work it was fun even the diapers. i enjoy doing those kind of things most of the time. i mean sure there are days i want to stay in bed and forget everybody else exsists but yea, it sounds like i'm starting to ramble. i love rambling but i tend to start to not make sence. its time for bed.


Cathy said...

Did you know that anything you do around here is one less thing for me to think about? But I will give you fair warning: Life is about to change. Because I need to sew, which means you and Abby are basically taking over everything else. The garden seeds I have left are in a bag on top of the wood stove. Get busy already. :)

Nice to have you home. When's the next 50% off at VV?

Joe said...

Its very good to have you home. in this case going back to the normal schedule is great since it includes you again. ^_^