Tuesday, July 28, 2009

elijah found cupcake's kittens finally and now they live in my room. its ok during the day but at night when tomo is in here as well then it gets a bit nutty. john's rabbit died yesterday so i skinned it to make him mittens or something out of the fur and then he wanted me to take the rabbit apart so that he can see the unborn babies, so we had a little biology lesson and even with how i like dissecting and all, that was a little gross. its nice how my younger brothers can get over a dead pet so easily and john has another rabbit all picked out that he wants already. my brain is so blank right now for what to write and the internet keeps stopping. what did i write about before? like i used to be able to write big long things and now its like staring at the screen and thinking of food. whoa the internet is working now and its been working longer than a minute. my mom is making cookies and i am going to bring milk tonight because juice and cookies don't mix unless your a baby who doesn't care. ok i quit, i cant think of anything to write, so i'll just put a pic on of the cat's kittens.

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PJ said...

Just keep writing, you'll find more to write. And I don't think I'll comment on the dissecting, but its nice to have fluffy kittens around. oh and sell them if you need to get rid of them, don't let your dad flush 'em.