Thursday, September 10, 2009

i need new speakers

One thing about having a blog is my mom reads it. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but this time she had my dad read it as well and now I am not allowed to sleep over at Chelsea's house, which I don't mind so much. What I do mind is that even though the things Michelle was laughing at happened a year or two ago, my dad says he doesn't trust me as much anymore. I don't really get that, my mom told me that she has seen a change in me ever since I came back from Pennsylvania and they both know I haven't done anything recently over at the Lalondes but dad says he still doesn't trust me.

My awesome littlest brother Sam, and this is probably the best picture I have gotten of him, and then Tim all happy about brushing his teeth, now I just need John....but I don't have a normal one...just ones were he looks silly.

My laptop was taken away for a few days because I downloaded something onto my mom's computer without asking. I really am not smart sometimes, its like a no duh to ask to do something like that, especially when dad keeps telling me to ask and I keep letting it slip my mind. But yea he took it for two days and I discovered that I would prefer him to not take it again.

I started the study of Philippians today that I am doing for "school" and I think I have read the first chapter 5 times now making sure I have all the I's, my's and me's highlighted. I am not sure why I have to highlight them but that's what I have been instructed to do. Maybe its a way to get me to read it over and over and get it to really stick. Besides all the highlighting, its been an interesting and beneficial study and its only been one day.

I washed the floor in my room but it still has a rather strong odor from all the waterings Tomo gave what? I'll just spray lysol or fabreeze all over it to mask the ammonia smell but that stuff causes headaches and I have several fish tanks that don't need lysoled. Maybe I will blow up the floor and replace it with wood that I don't have.

It is impossible to live a normal life in my room, let alone sleep, when the airater for the fish tank is making that annoying vibrating noise, it seems the noise gets louder the longer you leave it vibrating and I am seriously going to kill it if it doesn't stop.

One of Cupcake's kittens, the one that I like and named Spud, got dunked in gasoline today and is stumbling around like she is drunk or something, I am hoping she didn't ingest any of it. And I came into my room and found a couple of kittens happily chewing up the dog food bag and eating any food that spilled out.

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