Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jesus Heals the Heart

Your time is like a house of cards,
Stands so tall, falls so hard,
And all your dreams lay in the yard,
Broken bits of show

Your days are windows, empty panes,
You mend the glass they break again,
And all the while that howling wind,
Bites and bitter blows.

But Jesus heals the heart you know,
When nothing's left that's good to know.
Look at me, I ought to know.

You paint your face; you paint your heart,
If you open up and fall apart,
Learned the hard way to be hard,
And live the lover's woe.

You try to hide in what you do,
You lace your lies like some old shoe,
And all the while no one is fooled,
Your sadness clearly shows.

Remember this, the world resists
The tenderness of Grace.
Right to the grave, it stays the slave
Trying to save a little face.

But with the hurt and the private fears,
There holds a hope choked up in tears,
That someone's loved you all these years,
Who wouldn't let you go.

So when surrounded by the sighs,
And lost in tired alibis,
When no one's home why don't you try
The One who loves you so.

one of these days i'll get around to writing but for now these lyrics will have to do lol

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