Friday, June 20, 2008

ho hum

i am going to take a break from blogging. its pretty much summer and i have things outside to do and i don't feel like writing right now. i need to build a new rabbit cage and clean out and fix a pig pen. and my dog broke her leash again and i need to clean my room, well not really clean but rearrange it to fit in two more rabbits. it sounds strange to talk about putting rabbits in my room since i have always had them outside. last month i had no rabbits and now i have 10 and will be having three more litters soon. yum yum.


Prudence said...

Sure, take a break. Read up on skinning skills. Yum yum .

I haven't been reading blogs but have been playing scrabulous. Got to keep my memory strong!!

Joe said...

you know what it is already summer in my mind and i wouldn't of even had the mind to think to say this at all. but anyway i wont be writing much either.

hobo said...