Saturday, June 21, 2008

taking a break

this will be the last post for awhile.

i got two jobs this summer, one is watching two small dogs june 26- july 4 and the other is babysitting three kids, ages 8 months, 9 and 4 years old, for the summer and hopefully this winter. one nice thing is the parents don't mind me taking the kids to church with me if i have to watch them on a sunday.

i changed my email address to since everybody here calls me pickles as much as they call me sarah. and it was time for a new one because the old one was getting old.

i bought a pair of used roller blades and i found a dirty baled up pair of socks inside them. i left them at the store.

so unless something really interesting happens i wont be posting for some time.


Joe said...

Sounds like you have you're summer planned out. have fun with those dogs .

zorg said...

ha. the dogs are cute, but their bark/howl isn't. thankfully i don't have them for very long as that would drive me nuts. i get paid though, so i guess the discomfort will pay off.

Cathy said...

Will the neighbours get paid for their discomfort, as well? Will I? :)