Monday, July 7, 2008


i'm really bored. max died today so i have one less rabbit. i guess he got too hot or something, but i have plenty more to replace him.

in long sault there is this one house that used to have three huge maple trees that where like 100 years old or something. i loved those trees but today they got cut down. boo hoo. the only reason i can see for them to be cut down is that the owners of the house maybe thought that they could fall on the house in a big storm.

i mentioned to sarah's nannie that we had a pot bellied pig that we where going to eat. i love the reaction i get when i tell that to someone who is a "animal lover". she asked me if i kept the pig in the house, can you imagine what our house would smell like if i kept the pig in the house?

i got paid 200 to watch those dogs for ten days. the pekingese one bit three people and was generally annoying. i'm not one for hurting animals for the fun of it but every time i took coco for a walk i though how light he was and how easy it would be to swing him around on his leash. that sounds so mean.

we are going swimming today and i cant wait.


Joe said...

I worked for 7 hours, and came home and went with friends. then around 6:30 i went biking for 4 hours straight.

Cathy said...

"...every time i took coco for a walk i though how light he was and how easy it would be to swing him around on his leash."

You are so strange. But I love you.

zorg said...

unique, not strange.

i haven't biked for four hours in a long time. i biked for about an hour today with the neighbors and my brothers and then we all went in the pool to cool off.

hobo said...

why is it called "Rubber band"?

qu21 said...

the pig wouldn't smell because you would give it a bath a lot

Cathy said...

Hobo, there's a jar of rubberbands on the desk that probably gave her the inspiration for the title. She's good at having titles that have little or nothing to do with the post. The titles kind of grab your attention, and you read with great interest trying to find out why she used that title. Before you know it, you've read the whole post, when otherwise maybe you might have only read the part about the title.