Tuesday, July 22, 2008


we flea fogged our house today. i wouldn't recommend doing that unless you are prepared to clean your whole house, including a large stack of ironing that you just ironed. i just hope that the fleas are gone with all the trouble we went through to get rid of them. and either puppy is allergic to flea bites or there is some other thing bothering her, but all underneath her her (the stomach and legs) is covered in scabs and bloody spots. sorry if i grossed you out. yeah, and we almost killed the other kitten a few days ago. she just suffered a cut on her face but she learned her lesson and hasn't been under the van recently.

i am watching this mosquito slowly die after it blindly ran into the lamp. i suppose i should put it out of its misery but there's something about watching it's legs move around as it tries to get back up, but its to fried.

i got a new bike helmet today and i like it a lot better than my old one. it fits better too. its black with blue flames and chelsea likes it, not that that matters.

precious had six babies. this is funny/sad but she chewed off one of her babies ears. the peanut died so i have five babies but now precious wont feed then properly so i had to put three in with chelsea's bunnie. chelsea's babies are younger than mine but twice as big because they are getting fed better. i think after this i will give precious away because she is a bad mama. the first time i heard that her name was precious i immediately thought of lord of the rings so when ever i think "precious" i think of smeagol and his sinister way of saying precious.

the twins, as i call spaz and binky, are crazy. even if they are not good moms i dont think i will ever get rid of them until they die. binkie is expecting, and i don't know exactly how to put this since its an animal, bit spaz doesn't like boys so i doubt she will ever have kits. spaz and binkie get along so well and are so stupid (sorry, stupid is a mean word) and so funny, i'm glad i bought them. the sleep under and wrapped up in a tarp and when i try to shake them out in the morning they give me this look. its hard to explain, sorta like a combination of how dare you/wheres my food/what took you so long. i know rabbits cant think like that, but still. . .

i just sliced a flea in half with my fingernail. drownings to good for them, they have to be dismembered. sorry if i grossed you out again.

my cat is going to have kittens. i am half excited and half wondering what we are going to do with more cats. people don't want cats, that's why they drop them off on our road and that why there are so many feral toms around here. why don't those toms go pick daisy's or something?

i got these two boy rabbits; i almost laughed when i heard their names. phaty paty and rabby.

my mom just took a video of my explaining smeagol to her and i didn't know it. i showed her a picture of him before and after his discovery of the ring. the one after the discovery that i showed her makes him look cute (i'm laughing here), and she says he looks horrible. i'm sure if everybody had a diet of raw fish they wouldnt look to pretty either.

it was just hinted to me that perhaps i was ready to go to bed.


Joe said...

lol u do have a cruel way with anything having to do with bugs dont u.

zorg said...

bugs bug me, especially spiders. and you are staring to abbreviate you words.

Joe said...

um?? im sry but that last sentence didn't make sense. lol