Wednesday, July 9, 2008

pink kleenex

its raining so i cant really do much outside. i looked up just now the most recent keyword activity on my blog. you can get it for your own blog at so the most recent are,

cold fish glue made by lee valley
poem once a hunter met a lion
ac cobra girls (i dont know how that linked to my blog)
numbers 3:11-49
play booym free
arrg half life mod
babs bunny ebay
yorkel puppies
stephen curtis chapman, daddy, your the man in your little girl's dreams
all her daddy's love
most violent indians
nagalan post
celine tessier
she needs her daddy;s love
you know your a homeschooler when school bus
explain psalm 139
her daddy's love stephen curtis chapman
strawberry laptops

and qu21, why would i ever bathe a pig? look up 2 peter 2: 22

now i need to go clean the bathroom.


Joe said...

So much for your *last post of summer* idea. >_<

zorg said...

well, when one is bored and it is pouring rain. the only other thing to do is school.

Cathy said...

And that idea didn't go over well, did it? :)