Wednesday, October 1, 2008

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my brother sam with a hat nate got.

and my newly acquired blobs of cells that i got. my mom and i went to a rabbit and cavie show last saturday and i bought the pigs. the day before that i bought the rabbit from emily crocker. the guinea pigs names are boo and yaz. i got a lot of suggestions for their names, like mac (as in the big mac), my mom had some really odd ones to, teddy bear and muffin. boo was ok, but not boo hoo because thats too confusing and yaz because i had to use the name before my brother did since i finished the book it came from first. and the rabbit is toby because he just looks like one. they sleep in my room, and believe me, it doesnt smell to pleasent at times.

i think this blog is getting old because i seriously cant think of anything to write. the pig is gone, he returns friday though, but in the form of cut up meat. i was working on rabbit cages, so while i was cutting the wire the cutters slipped and i cut my finger. i have been canning tomatoes, and that really tiring. in fact i am trying to think of something to write so that i can avoid the three pots of tomatoes on the stove. its just when i can tomatoes i am reminded of all the blisters and cuts on my hands and its a little uncomfortable. my grandparents are coming this monday and they get my room. i get to sleep in the barn and that will be fun. that wasn't sarcasm, i really like sleeping out there. its comfortable and quiet and its the only time i can sleep with puppy.

i think later i will post some pictures of my canning efforts.


Joe said...

thats funny. I didn't think you would take the name boo, but to miss out hoo. thats cheating lol.

zorg said...

You normally say boo hoo, so if I said "here are my guinea pigs Boo and Hoo" that would sound really strange. Boo is ok though, and I was telling Chelsea about the rabbit named Yaz in the book and she said to name the other pig Yaz. And I needed a good reason to use it before Eli.