Thursday, October 23, 2008


i made lasagna for dinner and while its cooking i'm racking my brain for something to write. i came home today and the younger kids where watching bob the builder x-treme adventures. x-treme like, pilchard getting stuck in a tree thats falling down and is two inches off the ground. its funny, pilchard is also a kind of fish and they named the cat after fish.

if figured nobody would mind if i skipped a few modules in biology. i wanted to skip all the way to the end, do the dissecting and be done. but since thats skipping six or so modules, it didnt go over to well with the higher authorities. and algerbra, i wanted to sorta skip that to. my dad keeps telling me that algerbra is so easy and that exactly my point. i need something a little more challenging to keep me from falling asleep, so i got an algerbra and trig book from the library. actually i didnt get the trig book yet because my dad says it will be to challenging.

nate called the other day and asked what grade i was in. that is a very odd question coming from him so i was pretty couriouse as to why he would ask that. i just looked up "couriouse" to see how to spell it because i know i spelled it really wrong. instead of getting the correct way to spell it, i get some lousy definition from an online dictionary, this is what they wrote: there is no definition, but it's a word used by people who turn off spell checkers. ( i know it spelled curious, but i'm leaving it.) anyways, at nate's work they are having a take your kids to work day and he wants to bring me and for some reason they want ninth graders. i am not in ninth grade and i am definately not nate's kid, but i guess he wants me to pretend. (pretend i'm in ninth grade, not pretend i'm his kid) i asked him what i would do all day and he says i would play video games or something. not my idea of an interesting and productive day, especially since i get bored very easily, but i said ok. he just had to ask if i was alowed. november fith i guess, i go to work with him if i want. this could be interesting.

i just went to check on the food and the oven was turned off, thanks to timmy. thats 50 minutes of cooking and i guess we wont be eating until eightish. and for some reason they put grapes in the saled. somebody needs to get me a mars bar with peanuts, and some rootbeer before i go crazy.

i think my mom somhow makes modest skirts somehow appear at the store. when i go by myself the only stuff i find is tight, emoish and skanky (if i may use that word). but if i go with my mom i find lots. like today i got five. i like the definition of emo i just found, a style of rock music influenced by punk rock and featuring introspective and emotionally fraught lyrics. i like the emotionally fraught lyrics part the best, if anybodys ever listened to rock music, its is definatly that.

anybody ever heard of the little monsters books? there was one at valu village that i wanted to get but didnt. they are pretty funny books, with creatures in them that are a cross between a dino and a dragon. their names are really good, like Kerploppus, Professor Wormbog, Zipperump-a-Zoos, Useless Blob and Sneedles.

i only have two songs left on this mp3 player ( i am using my own battery) and once its done the creative juices stop flowing. i know i'm being wierd, but i'm a little tired. so i am going to go eat lasagna now.

oh, i decided that after puppy dies i am going to get a bull dog and name it spud after the potatoey scarecrow thingy off of bob the builder. i'm not wishing puppy will die, just planning ahead. and nobody tell me words are missspelled because odds are i already know and i dont want to fix them. i did that on purpose.


Joe said...

lol I did the same thing with biology, I showed my mom the things I'm learning now and showed her what I'm going to be learning. and well I figured it to be more interesting then this last module. I got away with it tho. :D.. Also I don't think anyone would fall for Nate having a kid in 9th grade. when hes only 19*.

*This might be wrong but thats what I figured.

Also you look like your in much higher grade then 9th grade. Like people at my work would of never guessed I'm in 11th. or if I was then I would of had to be 19 and redoing 11th grade.

Joe said...

oh and the side note was for his age. just so there no confusion.

zorg said...

i soon as i finish my current subjects, my mother will graduate me and i will be done with high school.

i didnt think anybody would fall for that either, and hes 20.

somebody at the store made a comment, implying that john was my kid.

Cathy said...

And those current subjects are the following:

US History
Titus 2 research project

When you finish those, you also need a course in Church History and Missions. Then we'll do a little Sword practice with the doctrinal statement.

You will not believe this, but the word verification thing spells "lasesner" this time. Something that's actually pronounceable. The next time I get a calico cat, I'm going to name it "Lasesner." Accent on the SES.

Cathy said...

Actually Lasesner seems more like a boy's name, and all calicos are female. Lasesner does have to be an orange cat, though.

How about Excia? That will be purrfect for an all-black, sultry female ex-CIA spy cat.

Cathy said...

Hey, I've never seen so many pronounceable word verification thingies in a row before!

Makenchi. Pronounced MAH-ken-key. Tiger-striped tomcat who tries to sing Italian opera on back fences. Totally in love with Excia, but totally not telling her any secrets even though he gives the impression of being totally unaware of any guile on her part. Lovable but bumbling.

Cathy said...

Fiesqu. (fee-ESS-cue) Spanish trying to be French. Picture a Mexican in Quebec. He's a happy-go-lucky cat, but he's a cross between a Mexican fiesta and a total fiasco.

Cathy said...

Chowdin. Chow down, Baby. Mrraiow. Chowdin is a whitish yellow fisherman's cat who lives on his boat off the coast of Newfoundland. She lives on fish chowder.

Cathy said...

Orriess. (or-ee-ESS)

Black-and-white female who lives in the sitting room of an elderly granny who spends her days baking cookies for the neighbourhood children who flock to her front porch after school. She is dainty and ladylike and always takes her bath in privacy.

Cathy said...

Coiness. Princessly gray female who was named by a little boy who thought she was the same color as an old quarter. Also, her eyes are the color of a new copper penny.

Cathy said...

Sitattes. The only cat that comes to mind is a lazy Siamese who sits around in the parlor all day.

Cathy said...

Gemingu. Gray cat who lives on a sparsely populated island off the coast of South Texas. Owned by a wiry little hispanic girl who lives with her cranky old grandmother in a creaky old shack on flood stilts. Gemingu listens every day to the girl's hopeful dreams of someday leaving the island and becoming a seamstress.

Cathy said...

Shutle. With only one t, it is pronounce SHOO-tle. Mary Sootle's white cat who follows her around everywhere. Mary insists on making her wear this annoying pink ribbon.

Cathy said...

Eumewi (you-MEW-ee) a nervous little crybaby kitten who can't stand for her mama cat to leave her sight, even for a second.

Okay, I've got to stop now. Maybe another day I'll annoy you with Word Verification dog names. Besides, Sam's finished with me and I have a ton of other things to do.

Cessna SkyCatcher said...

i just have to say that eumewi is my favorite

zorg said...

ok, yeah.

And what if I decide not to use Titus 2? Everybody uses it and its seems rather worn out to me. I am using different verses. I had a nice talk with Jill about it and I feel more confident in writting it, even though I may not agree with you and dad on some things and even though you and dad may think up a zillion more things that I didnt write about.

US history is taking a while because I have done US history for almost every year of school that I can remember, except for the year I did Canadian when we first moved here, and the two years (which where my fav) when I did world history and geography. French i can do anytime, right? I dont need to limit it to a specific time in my schooling. And you already know I dont like sewing, but I guess its one of those necessary evils that I shall try to endure cheerfully. I cant believe I'm actually admitting this, but I would appreciate some help with my spelling, as everybody knows, I am not very good at that. And I'm surprised you havent already given me that Church History and Missions stuff yet. I'm actually looking foward to it, and it seems the more I anticipate doing that study, the more you delay in giving it to me to do.

Anyways, I am going to try to think up some really wacko dog names.

mom (cathy) said...

You don't have to actually use Titus 2; that was just a short way to define the subject matter. And I don't care if you disagree, as long as you can back your disagreement with Scripture.

You have to finish the US history first because the Church History and Missions counts as "history" and I wanted to do only one history at a time. I thought you said you couldn't remember much about the US history. I might have done Church and Missions instead (or at least first).

French is a school subject because it's one for which you get credit. Plus Dad keeps reminding me how much he paid for it.

You asked for the stuff to make two skirts. I wouldn't have required it of you. But since I bought the stuff, I am requiring it. Unless you reimburse me for what I paid; then you can do what you want with it. :)

And you're in good company. Grandma Sally never liked sewing till long after all her children left home. And even now she still doesn't like to sew clothes.

Christy said...

You guys are so funny, I love reading your comments.

As far as sewing goes- I didn't really get into it until I learned all of the not very exciting basics. I learned on a 40+ year old Singer that I would have to stop and clean out the broken thread and ripped material that would get stuck under the presser foot. I learned to make it work (even made clothes and ran a small alteration business with it), and sewed on it for 5 years before I recently got a snazzy new one. It took me hours to figure out how to thread the new one, as well as find the correct button sequence for the straight stitch. I think I liked my Singer better, though I'm saving money on thread : D.

Please please please learn. It will make your life so much easier when (if) you get married and you find a suit for your husband 1/2 off at Goodwill and you have to take it in because he's 6 and a half foot tall and weighs 150 lbs. Yeah... it's gonna happen one of these days.

ps- my pick is Fiesqu.