Saturday, June 21, 2008

taking a break

this will be the last post for awhile.

i got two jobs this summer, one is watching two small dogs june 26- july 4 and the other is babysitting three kids, ages 8 months, 9 and 4 years old, for the summer and hopefully this winter. one nice thing is the parents don't mind me taking the kids to church with me if i have to watch them on a sunday.

i changed my email address to since everybody here calls me pickles as much as they call me sarah. and it was time for a new one because the old one was getting old.

i bought a pair of used roller blades and i found a dirty baled up pair of socks inside them. i left them at the store.

so unless something really interesting happens i wont be posting for some time.

Friday, June 20, 2008

ho hum

i am going to take a break from blogging. its pretty much summer and i have things outside to do and i don't feel like writing right now. i need to build a new rabbit cage and clean out and fix a pig pen. and my dog broke her leash again and i need to clean my room, well not really clean but rearrange it to fit in two more rabbits. it sounds strange to talk about putting rabbits in my room since i have always had them outside. last month i had no rabbits and now i have 10 and will be having three more litters soon. yum yum.

Monday, June 9, 2008

chelsea's birthday

you know your hair is to long when your cousin can put it in a pony tail

the sunset


the go-kart we all got to drive

lizzie and "uncle" dan

not the best pic, but this is me and josiah (duh)

me and kaitlyn

chelsea and her older brother dean

nick, kaitlyn and chelsea


the fireworks

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

who needs titles?

so for the past two days i have (and my family and neighbors) built a new pen for the pig and the ducks. the pig got loose after we had "finished" the pen the first time, so elijah temporarily put rocks against the wire but he got loose again anyways. and its been raining a lot but thankfully today was dry and windy. but since there was a lot of rain, the pigs pellets turned to mush before he got his lazy self up to eat and hammy hates wet mushy food. but yesterday i decided we were not going to waste two feedings so i told the pig (yes i actually talked to it out lowed) that he had to eat at least half of the mush before i would give him any dry pellets. wow, talk about mad pig! he hated me for the rest of the day and told me so by grunting and sticking his backside in my face while i made his house. but he ate those mushy pellets and i felt like i had finally won something over that pig.

i made hammy's house out of skids (or pallets) and some tin. those skids are really heavy; if you want to know how heavy than go out by home depot and in the back there are dumpsters. by the red one find the biggest skid you can, take it home and then drag it through muddy grass and wet hay while your little sister or brother pretends to be a pig (and is trying to attack you) and then nail it to something. oh, and let it fall on your foot a couple times to.

my ducks are so cute. they aren't named of course since i am not sure if i am going to eat them or their eggs. i like to sit and watch the water roll of their backs as they swim around.

i have a phobia of cars, or of driving or of both. when i was around eight my mom was involved a a car crash and i was with her. all i can actually remember was that it was raining and i was looking out the window thinking how funny it was that one of hanafords lights had gone out in the sign so it really looked like anafords. as i was about to point this out to my mom she started shouting "no" a whole lot and really fast as we hit the back of the car in front of us. i got a big bruise from the seat belt buckle but from then on i have dreaded going in any vehicle, especially the front seat. i never sat up front unless i had too and when i did sit up front i would clench my teeth and wish who ever was driving would slow down. but it slowly got better and i didn't have to force myself to sit up front and i could actually look around at what we were driving by without thinking that all the cars around us were destined to hit us. but lately that fear has come back and its worse now then it was then. i dread going any where, i have to listen to music or read a book or else i will be a nervous wreck. it sounds kinda silly. my mom says that i need to pray about it and i am going to do that.

chelsie's birthday is this saturday. a small part of me is slightly excited but the rest is a bit anxious to see how many fights and arguments happen. i am not going to write about everything and this probably happens to a lot of people and their neighbors. but imagine yourself as a piece of really nice candy and there are two people who want that candy all to themselves. not because they want the candy they just want something to say "ha ha" about to the other person. i am that candy and the people are sarah and chelsie, and i am really fed up with all the childish bickering that goes on between these two girls and their parents. i would rather go out on the streets with my dad and my brothers for this jehovahs wittness conference they have every year.

today is joseph's birthday, so happy birthday joseph :) doesn't it feel so much different now that your 16? actually it doesn't so i wast just kidding.

my alarm clock will be going off in 6 or 7 hours. and i'll wake up 10 minutes before it goes off and watch the clock as the minutes count down (or up?) and wish i could reach up and shut the clock of and go back to bed. but sadly, i cant reach the clock. i could probably throw something at it but that would just knock it over and not turn it off. i love coffee with a little sugar and oatmeal raisin cookies that every body ate. i think this post is long enough so good night.