Friday, January 1, 2010

Love After All

Love in these days is a dangerous dream.
Lonely and crazed like a dying birds scream.
Broken in ways that are hard to redeem.
Love is a dangerous ...
Love in these times is a gamble at best.
On the front lines without a bulletproof vest.
Riddled with crimes that infect and infest.
Love is a gamble at best.

But still I believe in Love after all
Though to have it you'll bleed
To find it you'll fall
Every soul needs to be caught by its call
Caught by Love after all.

Love in this age is a lesson in tears.
Ruin by rage, fondled by fears.
Locked in a cage through these crucible years.
Love is a lesson in ...
Love in this place is a struggle of wills.
Some face to face some buried until,
They grow up a hate, no laughter can kill.
Love is a struggle of wills.

Love was a Word with fingers and toes.
A flesh and blood sword that cut us God knows.
An unlikely Lord on the throne of death throes.
That was love with fingers and toes.
Love is a heart broke open like bread.
Wine in a cup that's more than blood red.
Go on, drink it up, you're why it was shed.
Why love is broke open like bread.

Michael Kelly Blanchard


PJ said...

Where's the *like* button when you need one?

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