Monday, January 25, 2010

this is something i got out of a book that my mom gave me, its a list of things that young women should look for in a potential husband and i think its pretty good.

i just wonder how many young men out there are willing to be up for this type of challenge, thankfully though there are some real knights in shinning armor out there that God has gotten a hold of.

1. foremost, of course, the man must be regenerated

2. he must be a mature Christian, who consistently demonstrates the fruit of the spirit

3. he must be the kind of man that i can respect and joyfully submit to

4. he should have a vision for ministry to which i can devote my life

5. he will love God with all his heart, soul, mind and strength

6. he should love me, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself for her, but i want him to love Christ more than he loves me

7. he should treat me with honor and respect, but should not be afraid to be the active head of the family

8. he should be respectful of all women in general

9. he should be a protective, loving father to our children and will want as many as God is pleased to give us

10. he should be a leader and not a follower, and will speak out boldly for what is right

11. he should be devoted to prayer

12. he should be habitually eager to learn from the scripture, to be challenged by scripture, and to seek God through scripture

13. he should have a solid Christian worldview, and the moral clarity and moral courage to go with it

14. he should be able to understand and evaluate historical and current affairs with a thoroughly biblical perspective

15. he should seek the companionship of wise men and limit his association with lesser men

16. he should be respected and esteemed wherever he goes – his character should be irreproachable

17. he should be teachable and able to teach with humility

18. he should be well educated in the right ways and for the right reason, and will not place undue value on the world’s academic credentials

19. he should have a vision for our family that is multi-generational

20. he should be able to fit in comfortably with my family and have a respectful relationship with my father

21. he should be a good steward of all that God has given him (e.g. time, money, spiritual gifts)

22. he will have respect for God-given authority

23. of course we understand that a perfect person does not exist in this world. so as our final item, he will be aware of his faults and will have the humility to overcome them by God’s grace


Amanda Kate said...

Amen. They are out there, Sister.

Keepin' the faith,

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