Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dads home

I went for a bike ride with Puppy up to the ponds today, it was lots of fun and since the strange grassy stuff has not come up the surface of the pond, it was tempting to jump in. But it was windy and I have a cold so I figured it wasn't a good idea. Yesterday Puppy broke the front brakes on my bike and the back brakes don't really work, so I don't have brakes. So today when Puppy and I were going really fast down the lane way and suddenly she decided to stop in front of my front tire I couldn't really stop. I did a front flip and skinned my knees really bad, I spent about half an hour picking gravel out of my knees with my pocket knife while Sarah and Chelsea watched and grimaced. Mom suggested I take pictures, so I will take one before I put peroxide on and after, after the camera battery charges. My knees hurt so bad but I can still walk, barely. But I learned a lesson today, never bike with your dog when you don't have brakes.

Nobody knew it was lost (except Abby), but I found my laptop. For some odd reason I put it in its case and then not knowing it was in there I put the case away.

I watched Return of the Daughters again, that movie gets better every time I watch it. There has to be some way I could help my dad at home even though he is a pastor and is studying a lot. I cant stand not being busy and not being responsible for something big. Girls my age handle their family's money, or help with their dads business, and I guess have more things to do besides sitting around. I am really good at washing dishes and changing babies diapers but I have practically no experience handling money and checking and all that. I think I have used a credit card three times and I had to have the cashier show me how to use it, which was kinda embarrassing. I don't have to go to college and get a degree but I would like to be busy at home besides cleaning the bathroom and drying dishes for lunch.

I am not trying to be mean, and hopefully I don't get in trouble for saying this, but I think everybody in my family (including me of course) lives off of arguing and debating. Abby and Lizzie where setting the table and they spent a few minutes deciding who should get the pink dolls plate. Ben and Tim argue about whether its head or noggin and Elijah and I love to argue about whether its better to upload one picture at a time or four. That kind of stuff goes on all day long, especially between John and Elizabeth. Those two are constantly at each other.

My mom is reading a poem called the Milkmaid and all the "Sir, she said" and its is bugging me. Josiah put handles on the cupboards the begging of this week and Nate has just now noticed them. I am really thirsty so I will get a drink now.


josiah said...

i also learned a lesson about hitting one's knee with a welding hammer. it was painful. i will have to thunk about the arguing. i will also try to fix your bike.

josiah said...


Cathy said...

I could give you loads of things to do. I just thought you had enough with doing school work. Plus, you have been a lot of help being Mommy Substitute this winter when we've been sick, had boys in the hospital, and I gave birth.

So here's a list to pick from. You can do any or all.

*ironing (I hate it, you don't)
*baking bread (about every other day)
*vacuuming the cracks in the floor boards (about once a week)
*read to Liz, John and Tim out of Liz's school books after lunch
*make your own clothes (I washed that fabric today)

Oh, and have you started working on that modest apparel study I assigned you?

Cathy said...

And here's a note to Joseph:

We DO talk off-blog. WAY more than we ever did before there were any blogs in this family. It's just that it's fun to talk this way, too.

Joe said...

lol I know its just seems funny.. and now I'm waiting for you to be in church. I don't know what this is but its getting everyone down.

Twinklemoose said...

Just make yourself indispensible wherever God puts you in life and things will go fine. If you're at home with your family, find as much work as you can possibly take over to ease others' lives and things you would like to see done that no one else is doing. Show a good attitude and do it for the Lord not the approval of others. If you're eager to do the lesser things that would tend to get overlooked, you can make a big impact.