Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I bought Samuel a Habs car seat cover and as soon as I am allowed to touch the new camera then I will post a picture. Dad bought a new camera today and even though I didn't break the old one, I am not allowed to touch the new one. But in a few months that will change, I just have to work up the trust again. I cant stand it when people drop things and break them and since nobody knows who did it, everybody gets punished.

Don't worry about the Bob the Builder lyrics, I am temporally crazy because I am very tired.

I accidentally download a bunch of Trojan horse virus so my laptop is really really messed up. I mean really messed up, for one thing it keeps signing out on me and once it when into hibernation (the battery was fully charged, and it was plugged in) without me telling it to. Then it is really slow and when I type its behind, like it cant keep up with my typing and is a few sentences behind.

I went to the library today. They dropped me off at almost two and I got my books and DVDs in about half an hour, moseyed around for about ten minutes to see if they actually have witchcraft/spell books there, and they do, and then I went to wait for my dad. He took awhile coming but he did come. While I was waiting the Joseph family came so I talked to them for a few minutes.

I am going to bed now, so goodnight.


Joseph said...

sounds like yesterday was fun for you. ruin your lappy, and get stuck at library. fun ^^

sarah said...

yeah real fun. loads of it. not.