Friday, April 11, 2008

gorgie porgie

Ah Linux, I am beginning to understand why it frustrates people. I guess you could say it has a few more games on it than Windows but thats it so far, I mean after spending a few hours waiting for Nate to get the DVD player to work (and it never worked) and then now my headphones wont work and its a little confusing. I cant install my IM and when I go to download Gimp I am told that it is very likely that I already have a Gimp package installed so therefor I should not have to download Gimp. It (Gimp) must be well hidden because I cant find it. Caleb was helping me but for some reason he signed out just after he told me he was back.

Today was a rather wet and cold day. I don't mind wet and I don't mind cold but I do mind them put together, especially when I have to clean up three trillion dog messes that are turning to mush. The reason I say three trillion is because when they get wet and start to be mushed into the ground, a small dog pile suddenly multiplies its mess to clean up. At least they didn't smell like they do in the summer.

Its fun to rake up mushy apples and leaves, and thats not sarcasm, I enjoyed doing that.I just have to put it all on the compost now, but its fun. School is fun and all but when its spring and its warming up and there are a bunch of stupid sea gulls outside waiting to have a rock thrown at them and the flowers are coming up, I would much rather be outside then to be in doing math or biology.

Speaking of biology, I am more than halfway through my current module and this has been the easiest yet. Probably because DNA has always fascinated me and I have read so many books about it. Sadly a lot of those books where based on evolution and billions of years, but they were still interesting.

Chelsea's friend Anna came to youth group tonight and on the way to the church she started lamenting about global warming and that all the polar bears are dieing. I basically said boo hoo, I wont miss them and then I told her that there is no such thing as global warming, she just looks at me like an idiot that didn't know anything. Then she said that nobody was perfect (which is true), not even God, which is not true. She also says that in Heaven it wont be perfect and that it will be just like how we are living now. So as I was explaining the truth, Chelsea started saying a few things and I was surprised at how much she knew. In church sometimes she looks half asleep and she tells me later that she was bored but I think that what she is hearing is sticking better then I thought.

I certain friend of mine emailed me some creepy and cute pictures and I will post them when I get a chance.They are mostly about cats, so if you are a cat lover beware. These pictures are rather humiliating and possibly degrading to those proud creatures called cats. And Joseph, I do like Sammy, sort of. I just like my cat better, she loves being petted anytime and she isn't scared around new people or Timmy sitting on her or pulling her tail or choking her or throwing her or shoving her into laundry baskets or laying on her or pretty much trying to kill her under the disguise "cute little kid loves kitty (to death)".

Tomorrow I am going to the home and something show at the civic with my mom so I should be going to bed. Jill wants me to sleep over but my mom says she would like me to get a good nights sleep on Saturday night. I actually sleep better on Jill's futon then on my own bed, I don't wake up at all at her house during the night but I do in my room at home. Maybe when Nate moves out it will better in that room and hopefully he will leave that fan there because I love that fan.


Cathy said...

Well, you were the one complaining of being too sleepy in church. I had never noticed. :)

Shika said...

My Cat has had bad experiences with little kids and other people who normally shouldn't be a danger to him. He knows me so I can pet him walk him around, I also feed him some of my meat sandwiches. And feeling sleepy in church is the same for me... I look like I'm tired and bored. yawning without trying. but I'm not bored of it. I am listening the whole time. As I've said before I know more then I say

Cathy said...

If you could work really hard on NOT looking bored or tired, you would be a real encouragement to the man who stands behind the pulpit wondering if anybody is really listening. :)