Saturday, April 5, 2008

there is no title

Today was busy. I spent the night at Chelsea's house then I cleaned the church and then went to several stores and the library and then came home. I was supposed to start supper right away but I was given leave to my dog for a walk. On this walk I came across something lying on the road, I was not sure what it was until Josiah informed me (well, I had a vague idea), but anyways, it was disgusting. People really need to throw their garbage away instead of tossing it out on the road. So this thing got on my shoe and when I got home I washed my shoe off and then accidentally tossed the rag into the clean dish water. Ooops.

I went for a walk with my mom and Sarah and that was nice. With all the snow melting and it being warmer its really nice out. Along one of the horse farm roads the snow has melted a whole lot so that there is a small stream complete with waterfalls going across the road that is rather deep. Sarah and I had no trouble going past that by walking on the snow beside the road but my mom sank. When I sank yesterday and completely soaked my feet and shoes I thought it felt kinda nice but my mom felt like she was walking around on blocks of ice. The pussy willows in the back are looking nice; I love the feeling of the fuzzy blooms, its so soft. And Josiah, I will call them pussy willows until you prove me wrong. Like bring me a book or something on the internet that proves me wrong. So there.

I don't like playing freestyle atv on the playstation with Chelsea (and racing too) because when I start winning she suddenly decides that we don't need to play anymore and quits the game. I was racking up points really fast and catching up to her score (next time Jeff wont help her) and when I finally got caught up she quit. And I was racing and I was in second and she was in seventh or eighth and the she quit because she said the track was to dark. Next time we will finish the game.

A little girl names Alissa was killed in Cornwall last Thursday. Why do people do that? I already know why but still, that was crazy. At least the parents are back together because of it, thats good; her dad blames himself because he wasn't there.

Its getting late and I don't want to be falling asleep in church tomorrow like last Sunday, actually many Sundays. So this is it.


Prudence said...

Many things about life are learned on a walk...and from what we get stuck on our shoe, also that science fact warm snow collapses under pressure. Lia had such a hard time getting her bike out of the shed and across the back lawn a couple days ago. She had on socks and crocs that kept getting stuck and coming off when she sank in the snow. She fell and dropped the bike. Her socks got wet. She left the bike , changed into dry socks and boots and went back to finish the trip.
Eva learned on our walk yesterday what popping a wheelie was ...stroller style.

Shika said...

Racing games are awesome. we crash everything drive into the other players. some of the games even give us points for bashing up our truck or the other peoples trucks. or you get roll awards. it looks fun and we never get tired of it.

Cathy said...

Since when are you "shika" and why?

Shika said...

just something from a game tis all. I dont really have a reason, I just felt like why not find something else to change it to. its like asking why sarah is zorg.

zorg said...

zorg whas supposed to be a made up name. i looked it up once to see if it was a real word and its some sort of relgion. look it up on wikipedia, i dont remember what it means exactly.