Wednesday, April 23, 2008

more bla

I guess every body is getting sick again. I would like to go to church tonight but yesterday when I went out my temperature went up. So I guess I am afraid I'll get worse if I go. I just don't like missing services.

It looked like it would rain today but it only sprinkled. But there was a nice wet smell when the wind blew into the house.

When I have a fever during the night I get the weirdest dreams, the higher the fever the weirder the dream. Monday night I dreamed that my dad decided to buy a small hound and he named it Sprocket. He went to Walmart and bought this dog all sorts of toys and beds and even its own towel, he bought the dog everything you could imagine. When we got out of the store (I was suddenly with him) he looked at the heaped cart and said he had over done it. As he went to look through his stack of receipts to take some stuff back, the receipt wasn't there so he had to keep the stuff. Last night after coming home from Cornwall my temperature was past 101 ( I cant remember exactly) I dreamed this thing that I always dream and I can remember it but I can't describe it. Something between stabbing myself, burning up and being lifted away by a gigantic bird that is about to crush everything. And at the same time I am drowning myself in cold water while sitting on a high wall watching everybody. For some reason it reminds me of a Picasso painting.

While my mom was about to turn (in town last night) I saw this van in front of me and thought that wouldn't it be funny if that where the Underwood's van, and it was. So yeah, Mrs. Underwood, I saw you.

I have to go put the dishes away from lunch. Lunch was almost five hours ago and I finally am getting to do my chore. Hopefully everybody starts getting well soon.


Joe said...

your dreams are messed up..... lol.. i don't get any which to me is okay. AND THIS COLD IS LASTING TO LONG.. I cant stand being trapped inside the house for 5days with the same thing.. i must of gone thru 2 tissue boxes. in these few days.. and i missed 2 days of work. The doctor tho said that the worst is passed and most likely i would be getting better soon.

josiah said...

every once in a while i will dream a strange dream, but its only in abstract feelings and shapes. the best way to describe it would be being out on your lawn smelling a wonderful flower, when you realize that something unimaginably catastrophic is about to happen, acre-square brick is about to fall on you. but even that description doesn't really do the dream justice.

zorg said...

thats good your getting better.

did you see the thunderstorm last night? tim and i sat on the porch and watched the lightening. he was pretty scared at first and then he liked it and laughed at the cat for being scared.

Prudence said...

Hey Zorg,
Yeah, I saw you, too. I noticed the car and thought it had the headlights and shape of your car so stared longer until we were turning and saw you and your mom. By then we were around the corner and it was too late to wave. We were going home from the park and Jill's before that. I looked at my watch and figured you had better hurry since the library was about to close. I need to redo the yellow bow on our antenna to be more noticeable you can recognize us faster.
It was weird to be in church when the storm started. The roof makes the rain drops sound loud.
Joseph can go outside but he chooses not to.Anyway, guess it is time to buy more tissues.

Joe said...

yea I saw it... It was pretty cool. and loud. I just sat here listening to it for sometime.

zorg said...

i just got there in time to take the books and dvds back. i had forgotten my library card anyways.

i waved to you but you had turned by then so i dont know if you saw.