Thursday, October 18, 2007

The turtle

The first two pictures are of the turtle I found at the pond. One of its legs had been eaten away by a bunch of leeches. I took the turtle home an put salt on the leeches and they died. The one pic is obviously its head, the second one is supposed to be a non-existent leg if you can tell.

The last pic is "Destroying The Bad Dream". It looks really weird and wild, but Lizzy loves it.

Um, tiny tim, I'll post a pic of the dead rabbit maybe tomorrow, I'd really like to know who you and pink pocket are!

Nate is wanting me to get off so he can fix his computer, so I'd better get off.


Tiny Tim said...

Cool pics Sarah. We don't see turtles where I live and I can't really make out the second picture .Its sort of just a glare.

sarah said...

Yeah, there is a glare, but also the camera lens was dirty and I didn't realize it. I let the turtle go, so I can't get any more pics of it.

pink pocket said...

Hi next time try not to get a glare so I can tell what it is.I like turtles because they're cute.We saw baby turtles hatching.