Saturday, October 27, 2007

crazy cats

For some reason Ive been on this cat craze thing where Ive been looking up cat videos and pictures. And then laughing a lot. Like this one video were cats were talking! It was so funny! Ever here the Long John and Long Johnson? I would post a video but I don't know how.

We bought an underground dog fence today. It was on sale at Canadian Tire so we decided not to wait until spring. So today I gave myself a blister digging so that the fence can be underground. I really need to use my hands for something other than typing and school work. Last time I tried chopping wood I got 9 blisters. Well, now that I can use the fence (Monday I can actually) I wont get my arm nearly pulled out of my socket every time I take Puppy for a "walk". Most of the time its a run or a really run "walk".

The bunk bed Josiah was building is almost completed. When it is done I may post pictures; I use all the pictures to make a post look long when I don't feel like writing. Like now, I don't fell like writing anymore and I want to go to bed. I am so tired the computer screen is swaying every now and then and all the words run together. Maybe I actually have that cold thing people had. Elijah, Abby, Lizzie, John and Timmy had fevers today.


Pru said...

Now you need a fence that will keep the neighbour dogs out. More blisters. Ohhh! I know! Get the neighbours together to sign a petition asking your neighbour to get a fence for his dog. Group pressure works.
Does your underground fence go across the driveway? Puppy would learn where the gaps are. smile

Tiny Tim said...

I do believe you use your hands for lots of things like eating, reading, brushing teeth, raking if there is any leaves. and shovel in the winter. only a bit at a time though some you build up your hands and over work them.

sarah said...

very funny. I brushed my teeth this morning. And yes there are LOTS of leaves, maybe I'll do raking tomorrow after I finish digging.

Cathy said...

Pru, at my request, the fenced in area is confined to the back yard. And, Sarah, wear gloves when raking. Those rakes we got from the Mattes are really great, but the handles are splintery. I learned that the hard way.