Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Keith Green

I'm going to go through all my interests, and expound (I think that's the word) on them one by one, I will start with Keith Green.

I like his music because it's got life to it, it's not slow, "I'm just repeating the words" stuff. He means what he sings and he wants you to hear the message and apply it. Certain people I know may not like Keith Green, so I deleted the video. But I still like his music even though some of it is a bit "rocky". It's just the way I am.

Some things that happened today:

My mother found out about my blog, I could only keep it hidden for one day (well, not even). And Josiah came home from the hospital today!!! He had to take penicillin for the pneumonia though, so now he gets to eat lots of yogurt. I did lots of laundry; it never ends does it? My Lego pirate ship was smashed for the third time a few days ago, so today I started putting it back together again! Maybe when I'm done I'll super glue everything and then when it gets knocked over in the middle of the night it wont break! How does one end a post without sounding abrupt?

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